Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Zipao Tiger Pet

Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Zipao Tiger Pet

Add the Zipao Tiger pet to your collection with Amazon Prime Gaming. This magical pet is the perfect accompaniment for all your adventures.

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Oh boy what year is this mount from? I can count the individual polygons. :rofl:


It’s a pet, I seem to remember it being a RAF reward but no idea how long ago.

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Ah I see. It looks pretty huge compared to the player character, probably a perspective thing.

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It was originally an exclusive reward for a Taiwan promotion during Cataclysm and then it was added to the pool of rewards of the original RAF during MOP.

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Yeah the promo stuff makes it look bigger


Got the pet.
Can we get the X-53 Touring Rocket mount maybe? /fingerscrossed

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it would be perfect one for you cuz you are chronormu and these textures are from prehistory :sunglasses:

I do wonder what else we’ll see from RAFs of the past.

I got it and it’s cute, thank you Blizz :slight_smile:

I hope they do other stuff first because I already have that one. :innocent:

I RAFed myself for all the mounts too. Up until the plane/explorer outfit.

I did the rocket and the renowned explorer stuff, but not the other mounts because I didn’t think they looked that good. Didn’t get the newer goblin themed stuff either for the same reason.

I am terrible for getting things just for the collection but I’m not financially able to atm :rofl:

for a moment I thought they were giving away hunter pets

Would be a bit specialised :dracthyr_hehe:

It’s supposed to look like that, It’s made from some kind of stone.

Yeah, a WotLK low polygon stone.

It was added in MoP.

You know not everything is added to the game right as it’s made. Some of the models for the weapons you can get after the red draenei chain have been in the game files since Legion.

This pet was made available in Taiwan before Cataclysm released. It was made available to western players in MoP.