Primordial Saronite will be a huge problem in classic phase 4

As the title states. Already having to wait a solid 8-10 weeks on shards is bad enough for legendaries like Smourne and Valanyr, when phases are shorter than original wotlk.

But the huge problem with Smourne over Val anyr is all the added huge gold sinks and ressources dump.

25 primordial saronite is a massive problem as it stands as the first step of the questline, every guild in the game will be trying to get one and effectively cant get a hold of that many saronites for weeks if not more than a month (depending on how hardcore they are).

I suggest either moving the saronite requirement to a later part of the questline, such as after the ICC shard acquisition, as compensation. Meaning most people will have to slowly stock up the amount they need for legendaries with time and will allow it to be better spend on BOEs and much more during the start of the phase and not having people be several weeks behind on the legendary cause they didnt stock up on litterally 100s of thousands of gold or have a whole guild funnel them saronite through everyone donating all their emblems to buy em, which even though i would be able to afford it, it is still in my opinion stupid and pointless for classic as it is.

Or alternatively, just let players acquire shadowfrost shards from day 1 and it wont impact the length, when you finish that quest step, but will still require you to do it to get shadows edge.


Why change how it was back in the original WotLK?

I can’t wait until the PuG leaders keep them all and don’t break the loot rules. Mainly because people don’t ask for specific rules on them.


Just make alts and farm badges on then to buy ps :wink:


YES MORE CHANGES PLEASE please i love #somechanges

Cause rampant botting, gold buying and not actually having to be in a Guild to clear the content is why.

These factors werent in WOTLK, but are here and they showcase something that will be an immense problem in phase 4. Runed orbs were for several weeks thousands of gold, now imagine a ressource that has actual good uses ?

There is no way to farm badges. If you are talking about getting the maximum amount of badges on around 15 alts, then sure, but it just further solidifies my argument and the problem.

It isnt a change so much as it is a response to an actual problem the game didnt have.

if you are in a guild thats no issue. they will waste their gbank gold for those to the first person so why would it be an issue?

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There are no normal guild banks that has the needed funds. If you project even runed orb prices (which saronite will be higher cause there is more uses and smourne is a bis item many will get that costs nearly 5 times the amount a runed orb boe did) then it is gonna be roughly 100k minimum week 1 and if you are being generous about it, meaning most people wont farm saronite and a lot of people will buy em with RMT gold, then it is more likely the price is gonna be 5-10k per saronite making it more realistic to be near a gold cap to get that smourne questline objective ready for week 1 of the raid, as the next step requires you to kill bosses, so you want to have it done before a potentially delayed sunday ish raid. ( according to a wow GMs post, the top 100 percentile of players with gold, on average, isnt even close to the gold cap of 214k). Meaning that this will be a huge bottleneck on the legendary that makes no sense and also will further incentivice gold buying extremely.

No normal and most hardcore guilds wont have near that amount of gold laying around unless they are doing some form of GDKP or service selling.

well I guess? Its a legendary I dont know lol. Dont they drop from bosses? Just do splitruns and such? I am sure people will get creative.

Somewhat organized guild can get enough badges for 2 questlines during one lockout I think. With alts and boss drops Primordial Saronite may become a bottleneck for pug heroes at best.

It may be annoying but removing friction from obtaining legendaries sounds like a bad idea. And let’s not forget that this step of the quest gives a decent weapon as a reward, while 264ilvl weapon is not game breaking I don’t think that allowing people to free print them for every plate wearer is healthy for the game either.


If that is truly what you feel is the issue ( i disagree with it being a problem), then they could replace saronite with a suitable price, that wont be completely ridiculous.

requiring 25 it should be obvious how many boss kills it would require to get 25 (since it wasnt 100% AFAIK), all those split runs will most likely have a secondary main ret or warr that needs it as well, so splitrunning doesnt fix the issue it just makes it double in most circumstances.

I do see how this can be a bit of a problem, but again is that worse than having something that will litterally be a gold buying incentive in the game better overall, most insanely hardcore players will get a long to it, what about the players, who dont have that amount of gold or guild support and coordination.

Val anyr was litterally free of charge in comparison, so while shadows edge is good and a an actual weapon ahead of the legendary, i get why it can have a cost and it being fair, however i think it requiring saronite is just problematic at best.

How about this, right…

If you can’t afford the price of materials the moment they’re released… You could just wait. How about that? Good concept, right?

You don’t have to rush into getting the 25 primordials.


It becomes a bottleneck and huge incentive for pugs, AKA GDKP Pugs (the place where RMT is rampant), this just further increases the AH prices of saronite on day 1.

No you dont, but why does that make sense, when the phase is heavily shortened and the questline has a later step that also requires several months of waiting.

Your argument doesnt make much sense to a new problem that wasnt as prevalent in the original game, meanwhile classic raid phases are also extremely different.

Yes please, remove the whole chain quest, just give every DK and warr shadowmourne when they log in, cant wait for every BG and arena to be infested by scrubs with legendaries who cant reach 1400 rating … just like good old times in tbc with warglaives …

Its legendary weapon for a reason, cant afford it, dont go for it … simple as that …


Ohh i can afford it, but can the actual playerbase and guilds ?

No is the answer, which is why i think an alternative should be made. Maybe make it costs 20-40k gold as an option on day 1.

And why are you bringing dead PvP into the discussion like it matters at all ?

We can’t lobby for reckless changes with “people will RMT”. People right now can swipe for any item in the game by being pure buyer, dead in the corner of every boss room. Should Algalon loot be on badge vendor because it’s difficult to get and some people can swipe for it? Maybe it should, but at that point we are arriving at “classic+ dilemma” where everyone has different ideas on what and how should be changed.
It’s really not a big deal, and it becomes less of an issue with every week of ICC being open.

They won’t be starting shard collecting in week 1. In the same way that people who lack skill/gold/guild won’t see any Algalon loot before Ulduar nerfs and/or phase 3, in the same way that not everyone got Scarab Lord/Glaives/Thoridal/Gladiator. Some exclusivity is good. This isn’t even that exclusive because mouthbreathers will probably never kill Algalon prenerf and someone stubborn enough can get that saronite with badges/pugging only(I wouldn’t recommend doing that but it is in reach for basically any player).

It’s bottleneck week 1 for not organized groups. After that it’s all about shards, once a group start on that step Saronite goes from small problem to non problem

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It is a big deal and it is already a problem cause ICC is not gonna last even remotely as long as it originally did.

Also the whole problem about RMT isnt true, people can swipe on stuff, but that doesnt incentivice and affect others.

A gdkp RMTing is what it is, that has no impact on others. Saronite prices being 10k or more as a result of such RMTers, directly affects all that want to craft BOE´s and do the shadowmourne questline.

Glad is a skill issue, this isnt.

Glaives and thoridal are drop related not ressource limited.

Scarab lord wasnt actually a gold issue, the problem was that people prefarmed and pushed the phase so fast and spedrun to do their first, meaning that it was a competition between people to get one in “time” and communities cooperating to get and grief each other.

None of your examples makes sense, why are you making such horrible points ?

Exclusivity in the terms of making it worse than it originally was isnt. Again you are proposing to keep it worse, instead of fixing the added issues that this version has.

Also you arent a class that can get it so ofc it would be irrelevant to you.

Why do you care so much about what people who cant do algalon gets or doesnt get, i got algalon down early, as a resto druid with my guild and we are doing amazingly in comparison to most people, yet i dont have a stuck up reason to constantly want the game to be something it wasnt intended to be.

Thats just not true, you cant even as singular raid get enough for that 1 Smourne week one unless you funnel emblems and buy em or buy em off the AH. Everyone needs tier for their badges, so i doubt many guilds would even consider to have their raid team fund those.

since i would wager most guilds needs at least 3 for their guild (1 ret, 1 warr and 1 bdk on average) and with realistic acquisition it would be a good month + before mains are even on the shard collection part.

BOE´s and alts will keep the prices high for many months forward as well. So there is never gonna a be a time where it isnt gonna be problem/investment at all.
Again, like do you ever think about the things you are posting i wonder, cause it certainly doesnt seem to make much sense.

We’ve not been given any announcement as to how long or short the phase is going to be.

I don’t recall everybody having a “now, now, now!” mindset in the ‘old’ days.

Then those people instead can profit from the extremely high price of the primordial saronites instead. That’s how it works in a new phase, you can either bankrupt yourself with the new craftables, or earn bank from the people that want to rush the content week 1.

I proably think way too much before posting. Here’s some more grounded opinion. There is 99.(9)% chance that Blizzard won’t be changing anything in that regard mostly because they don’t care, let’s forget about any potential issues that may come with change like that.

Start sweet talking your guildies into giving you that week 1 saronite/take some overtime hours/add extra jump runs to your wow routine. Or just accept that you will start collecting shards on week 2/3/4.

Also, since RMT can be used as valid argument for any change I recommend adding glad titles and all raid drops to a badge vendor since people can RMT all that stuff anyway.