Problems with WiFi when running WoW

Hello all,

Let me start by saying that I’ve been playing this game since it started and I’ve never encountered this problem.

So, I changed my SSD and wanted to have a clean installation of everything. I installed Wow classic and started playing SOM. My problem is that I experience WiFi disconnections only when I play the game. I never ever have the same symptoms when wow is not running and -as I said above- I never ever had the same problem with wow before. I dont know if the classic client is to blame (in this installation I have not installed Retail client). I searched and saw several other threads with the same exact problem, but long ago. What I have done so far:

  • Cleared the checkbox in game for network optimization
  • Turned off IPv6 from network adapter
  • Turned off USB sleep or anything like power saving thing

And some more I can not recall now but it still happens. Can you please help me here?

A few other things are update the driver, do a fresh install and update windows fully or make sure the services WLAN AutoConfig is set to automatic.

Try not to use it on battery as well.

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