Proof: Feral needs a defensive buff (PvP)

FRIDAY - Twitch
Watch the Match of Bean playing against Sub + Monk at 4h 24m 26s.
For those who dont want to watch it:
They kill the enemy monk healer.
They are kidding a bid after.
Rogue starts his burst, however Bean was not a fool and did switch on 100% prebear.
Priest gives him preshield.
Rogue shadowduels.
Priest gets him a dom.
Duell ends, Priest gets him a Painsup and Rogue stunns Priest.
Bean whole time in Dom too.
Rogue gauges the Healer,
Bean kicks rogue away with Typhoon. (still bearform)
Then he does a mistake, as he is in 15% ~ he does switch in cat and gets finished by the rogue with shadowstep.

ôô Yo, it was a Prebearform, Double defensive cooldown and yet he still died like paper. Where the f’s are the feral defensive buffs? i am so sick to see my favorit specc suffering this season


But he did a mistake and he got punished for it so gg of the other team.

Easy he should just pre pre bear and of äc big mistake to change to cat at 15% => git gud feral is good sub is not OP (thinking like a sub rogue now) also clearly the rogue is way more skilled the way he lands gauge omg!!!


Yes he should have stayed bear form so that he can die 5 seconds later what a noob amiright

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Now that was amazing.
That was prebear.
That was with barrier at high HP.
That was with Pain Supp as soon as he got out.
That was TWO Shields from the Disc at only 20% dampening.
That was also with a Frenzied Regen proc that went the full duration so it healed the full amount.
And last but not least he used Renewal.

Every single defensive and heal used and that was still not enough to stop a sub rogue. Yes ferals need a defensive buffs badly, but sub also needs a 50% DMG nerf.

The rogue did 1.7mln DMG in 18secs, that is around 100k DPS, vs a target with high armor, high vers, with barrier and pain supp. His real DPS was like what 200k+?


Hence why I have sacked feral after playing one forever, forced into Guardian which isn’t the greatest of fun but at least isn’t permanently crippled. Got to a point playing feral that I was almost scared to come out of stealth cos of how brutal most other classes seem in comparison. Even if I couldn’t beat the person I was fighting in previous years, I was still always able to at least give a decent fight back but it just feels impossible on feral right now. It still feels like you’re fighting with a 30 iLVL handicap.

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I mean Feral in PvP has alot of Problems right now but for some reason it got ignored for months by blizz now. Just watching the top100 of every specc in SS tells alot.
Shadowpriest, Augmentation, Enhancer, Fury, FrostDK and Ferals are in a ultra bad spot.
All of em 1800-1900 as top100 start.

Blizzard has so much Data, but it always feels like they acting way to slow about balancing X_x

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So…how much dps did the feral do during this fight?

Most specs obviously has far more survivability, while they are still dps’ing.

Feral is not a finished product, never has been and probably never will be.


never agreed more.
playing rogue feels fantastic though.

no amount of numbers buffing will make feral perform well, as of recent Regrowth and Frenzied Regen unnerf i doubt that will change.

Ferals mobility is nothing because it causes you to be inactive.
Ferals healing defensive Frenzied Regen will only act right if its not affected by Dampening. I suggest dampening to not affect every spell of every spec, some meet more disadvantage than others like Ferals do.
The fact that i cant pick up crucial defensive talents on my Feral because I had to go through dead and almost useless talents and traits like Soothe, Wild Growth, Ironfur and so much more is a proof that the design of the talent tree is not well made at all.
And last but not least- theres no option for avoiding hard- casting, which was a problem solved years ago but its back now and i wonder why? Like even casters dont hardcast as much as ferals do.
Put Clone on 2x charge instant cast and put 40 sec cd on it. Problem solved. And if it performs too strong- Nerf its duration by 1 sec.
Swiftmend requires not 1 but 3 global cooldowns. A hot, The spell itself and then going back in shapeshift. Better increase the CD but let me cast it in form and remove the HoT requirement.
Like Dampening is already a thing for me this is simply just extra disadvantage that as a C tear spec i dont think we need.

Ferals need Dodge rating back.
Benefiting from haste or mastery.
Or some spell like Evasion.
Maybe a talent on the same node of Soothe, that allows for ferals to skillfullu dodge , like Vangeful Retreat.
It would be a fun thing plus it will serve well in class fantasy and it will solve some issue like squishiness and Bear Form being answer to any physical dmg you take.
Or a talent like Feint that decreeses 10- 15 % of the damage for a short amount but locks your Bear Form until its off.
This spec can be fixed overnight if they just sit and finally modernize it,
i feel like im playing wotlk when im on my druid and funny enough feral druid is better in Wotlk.
Oh and before I forget- we are the only stealther class that cant restealth without Shadowmeld.
Why is that ?


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