PSA Wednesday (6 Oct) Maintenance at 22:00 - 23:00 Realm Time

Breaking News


Breaking News (character selection screen)


I wish they would ease off with all these restart notifications, there’s like 2-3 days with them gone then rest of the week they fill up the battle net app and character select screen like Captain Obvious.

They should only show the day before reset, at most.

22-23 seems to be unplanned time, right?

It’s not a convenient for EU, it’s prime raid time :frowning:


Then people complain that they had no notice that they were gonna be kicked out of the game during their raid night or that they couldn’t log in to finish XYZ thing before everything reset. Trust me, blizzard is wise to have the notices up for the best part of a week, they should also have them on the forums and all their social media and take out an add on the news at 6, 9 and 10 in every country…

Of course someone will still complain they didn’t know :laughing:

Although this explains why my guild stuff has changed days this week (that person who read the warning and didn’t click d’oh)


My guess is it must be important for them to disrupt at this time.

I’m grateful they appear more than the day before, our raid will need to start earlier and we don’t know if that is even possible atm.

This way we have time to discuss with our team who can/can’t make it.


I think given that one of the downtimes is on Weds Evening when a lot of EU guilds would normally raid, this needs as much exposure as possible. There will still be many caught unaware as we always expect it Weds morning and probably don’t read on to the end where it says 2200-2300 server time.


Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

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thanks for the notification Puny
saw that today and yesterday on the left of character selection screen
with uh 3 notifications ?

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Thanks for the notice. It is during one of our scheduled M+ evenings.


At least that should be easier to fix if it’s just five of you :slight_smile:

Did they find another piece of innuendo that needs emergency surgery?


I can’t even see them in the game. They really should post about it on the forum.

Also don’t see anything about it in the launcher, at all.

Screenshot from char screen just now:

Terrible time for maintenance, what on Earth made them choose that time?

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Punishment for our complaining here on the forums.

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well luckily many guilds are already failing to get 20 people online so it’s not like it matters anymore


Must make note to get out of bed at 10pm to write a complaint about how I can’t sleep because of the noise the maintenance is making.


They’re probably punishing us Europeans for our criticism of their Americanisation of the game.

In the launchher it puts a big exclamation arrow then an even bigger wall of text below it saying routine maintenance is going to happen at routine times.

If it was just the bnet being covered over by reset alerts 5 to 6 days in advance I could ignore it, but they stick the routine wednesday 2AM notice on character select within 2 days after the last reset.

‘breaking news’ it’s titled lol. Ya breaking news that routine reset is going to occur barely after the last reset was done AND this one is scheduled for next week, same time, as always.

Like I said, it should only show 24hours before the reset is going to happen^^