Punished [Tarren Mill/Dentarg] is lookig more for s3 raids!

Punished is a small guild on Dentarg/Tarren Mill realm, which is looking for more people to join our crew.

We are family first (meaning you can raid when you can and it won’t be your 2nd job), friendly, mature type of guild which has set it’s goal to achieve AotC and maybe some early mythic bosses down the line. In order to proceed to mythic we need YOU!

Presently we are looking for:
Healers: shaman, druid, possible priest & paladin (having a DPS OS or an alt which can fill another role is a great bonus)
Ranged DPS: warlock, mage, evoker, priest, druid.
Melee DPS: monk, might fit in also a paladin, DH, DK
Tanks: Opened to all tanking specs, but you should be able to DPS with your OS or have alt which can DPS

Our raid times will be Thursday and Monday from 21 to 00 server time, mythic+ we usually run when ever people have time, but mainly on off raid nights.

Amirdrassil Normal: 9/9
Amirdrassil Heroic: 9/9
We have cleared VOTI and Aberrus on heroic.

Other then a chill environment, helpful members and occasionally bit serious raid nights and mythic+ fun as well as play what you want and not needing to worry to meet “the quota of raids attended or X things farmed per week” we cannot offer you much of anything else. If you feel that we could be your new home then add me on discord:
and we can chat further.

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Hi, i am interested :slight_smile:
My main is Norylix, frost mage ^^
Bnet : Arkadyun#2287

If you are still looking then I will add you tonight in bnet, sadly I cannot make it online sooner. But you can add me on discord for a quicker response :slight_smile:

We are recruiting DPS (with high pref. on ranged, DK, ret). OS healers and tanks also very welcome if you can your DPS and tank/healing spec decently.

Hi are yee still looking for some raiders

I am intristed to join the guild if possible prefer dps dont mind healing if needed but have not been healed that much before

Hi. Yes we are still looking for more people to join us.

Same for you Embermind.

If you are still looking add me on discord or anyone online in the guild can give you an invite.

Opened to everyone as long as we are fit for you. Sorry for the late reply. Forgot to check the forums over the weekend :confused:

added you on disc :slight_smile:

hey are you still looking for dps? mindlessself on discord

Hi, we are mainly looking for ranged DPS now, very melee heavy at this point. If you can play a ranged class then add me on discord.


I’m currently looking for a guild that lines up with my work finishing times, as you start at 21:00 that’s perfect for me. Due to work I’ve been unable to raid much over the last year, Previous cutting edge on a few expansions. I have Frost mage, Destruction Evoker and S Priest ready or close to ready raiding. have a benched warlock at 70 but not played in a while. If your still looking would be good to chat etc

Hi! You can add me on discord and we can discuss I recon an Evoker would be nice. We won’t aim for CE, but more in line of AotC with some mythic along the way. If that is acceptable to you would be more then happy to have a chat. Add me on discord.

Hey are you still looking for people, i’m a DH tank with 9/9 NM looking to progress into HC raid.
MILEnator#2335 on discord

Hi. Yes, we could consider a tank. Specially as we are real life oriented then it couldn’t hurt to have a MS tank around (dw, not looking for someone on the bench). Since our second tank is versatile and can tank or play her DPS character. I added you on disc.

Got room for a disc priest?

Hi. We have 2 holy priests, 1 evoker and either a shaman/resto (an alt and an OS). As all of our members have things to do some more often then the others then yes, we could use a healer so the druid can focus on DPS and shaman can play ret :smiley: .
If you do not mind a group setup like that then yes, we’d be happy for another healer :slight_smile: and no - not looking for bench. If you like us and raid us we’ll just adjust, since that’s who we are.

Hey bud! I’m a returning player from season 1. Do you require a certain ilvl? I did play a MW monk but I can flex into a needed class.

Hello Fluff,

I just came back to WoW after a forced hiatus in the christmas period because my son had to go to the hospital due to a severe lung infection.

Eager to know more, and find out, if “we” are compatible :slight_smile:

Please leave your discord tag here, or you can reach me ingame via my btag.

Thanks alot !


We are looking for some DPS (ranged preferred), healers and possible a tank.
For healers and tank(s) playing your DPS OS or DPS alt is a very great bonus, since we have a very flexible roster.