PVE or PVP server for newcomers?

I’m gonna play classic with 2 friends of mine during the covid 19 outbreak, and we’re hesitating between those:

If we’re playing alliance: zandalar tribe, ashbringer, or mirage raceway

If we’re playing horde: firemaw

What do you think? Would it make more sense to go to ashbringer and zt to get some wpvp, or should we just go to mirage raceway as ally?

Whatever you want, pvp servers aren’t as bad as they were in p2 so you can easily level so I’d go pvp server if you wanna pvp.

Don’t come to firemaw though unless you enjoy spending 4 hours in queue every day or only play at 2am.

If you are not 100% sure you want to play on a pve realm, choose a pvp realm, because you can’t transfer from a pve realm to a pvp realm but you can transfer away from a pvp realm to a pve realm.

I don’t recommend Firemaw because it’s plagued by cross faction collusion. But it’s not really anything a casual player would notice.