Pvp gearing in df is bad - this is not a moba game

Hi, and pls hear me out.

Im chosing to play pvp in wow and not in league of legends or counter strike or whatever, simple because i loved the mmorpg element of it. As long as this game is a mmrpg and not a moba game, gear should matter.

Sure, we dont need to have big differences between players but somebody that do great in pvp and play a lot, deserve a BIT of better gear than somebody that does not.

Im not talking for huge differeneces, but its simple not fair to work hard to unlock 9/9 gear upgrades, just to be at the same ilvl as someone who just started pvp-ing. Challenges dont matter anymore and pvp feels dull. Feels pointless to push that high rating just for a boring achievment.

People want to feel getting more powerful. Exactly like we do in pve. Fairness in gear is fine for lets say rated arenas only, ok. But in random bgs, world pvp, duels etc. Gear should matter. Even if its annoying to get destroyed when you are in low gear, its part of the mmorpg experience. It will feel epic after when you work hard and get that gear and revenge yourself.

Thanks. Except gearing, DF is in the right direction. good xpac.

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I completely disagree with you. Pvp gearing is the best thing in dragonflight imo, one of the main reasons I even bothered to buy the expansion after shadowlands, and I actually think the way pvp gearing works should be identical for M+. M+ should also get their solo shuffle equivalent imo. And yes: I have been playing mobas for 10 years


I do completely disagree too. I think there should no gear at all in PVP. Everyone should be on an even scale from Day 1. Blizz should implement customizable templates for any kind of instanced PVP content.

Skill and team play is what should matter in PVP, not gear.

In that way, Blizz is doing a step in the right direction with DF, but the gear is still an unnecessary gatekeep to get into PVP.


Funny. League of Legends is compettive game and items in that game matter lot. They matter so much that if you have better and more items you just faceroll enemy team and thats moba. So for rpg game it should matter way more.

Gear in League of Legends should be compared to Temporary Buffs in BG’s. Everybody start on an even field at the start of the game and player take advantage during the game through their actions, but ultimately at the end of that game, everyone is back on an even field.

In Wow, gear gives an advantage from the start of the game and this advantage stay for all that game.


The entire point of PvP at least in the competetive setting is that your skill is what determines your rank, this is why every item is maxed ilvl in PvP without any upgrades, this is the way it should be.

You still get stronger, just in the PvE world by getting a higher rank in PvP, so doing M+ or world content or whatever is still easier for you. But PvP should strictly be about mechanical skill and game knowledge.


Yes becouse they alredy put more effort into getting gear than others. M i supostu remind you that Blizzard alredy tried this back in Legion and it hard failed as players completly stoped playing pvp when gear didnt matter. WoW is rpg not compettive game. Thats why arenas shouldnt be even thing in WoW.

Whole pvp in WoW should be designed around big group conflict aka bgs not arenas. Becouse in pvp on bigger scale like 15 vs 15 class imbalances and gear have way smaller impact and better teamplay wins regardless of gear or class advantages.

Most players did stoped because they felt they had no agency over their build and because the meta was just not fun.

The first problem Legion Template had is that you were not choosing your own stats, and some specs were just not viable, as the devs did not know how to allocate stats properly on those specs. But if people had control over stats allocation, that’s a criticism that would not even had existed.

But i remember well having mates that enjoyed so much being able to play from day 1 competitively in Legion, they dropped the game as soon BFA came with the return of gear to be important part of PVP.


I’m a PvP’er from upper echelon of this community, we can say top 5% perhaps higher sometimes. I played Shadowlands and had privilege of gear gap between me and majority of players.

The problem here is, we are already better than them, when you also give us much better gear how will they ever have a chance to climb except for buying a token and buying boosts.

My friend made 4-5 million golds during Shadowlands through arena 2s boosts, some feel desperate and feel obligated to buy boosts knowing that they have no chance.

I can’t say I like low pve ilvl and high pvp ilvl scaling thing but current system is much more fair overall.

This is wrong too, there is gearing even in League of Legends throughout the match. If we want such a game we will just play League or Csgo.


So you think it’s quality PVP to be able to obliterate someone because you have your gear and they don’t? You think PVP should have gatekeeping to prevent players from playing it casually on even grounds?

Because PVP gear is only that right now.


There’s nothing fairer than equality of arms.

Apart from that, it also takes time to get the epic set for conquest points.

Just ask the people who have to play catch up and die through hours and hours of having others drag them through BGs to have anything resembling gear so they can even play properly in the first place.

Oh. But you are dissatisfied with exclusive mount, title, achievement, sense of accomplishment? It’s too boring for you? As a DH?

You just want to gank people without them having a chance to fight back.
Fun fact: You can also gank fully equipped players if you have skill.

Gearing is good the way it is right now.


As a causal PvPer this is my experience. In BfA and DF, I can always tell when I’m Warmode PvPing against a top level PvPer because I get stomped. In SL, once averate Rated PvPers had enough gear it was too easy for them against casuals like me. Imho, the majority of players who want a big PvP gear power difference are those who want to be able to stomp casual PvPers but aren’t good enough to do it with skill.


And why is that players with end game gear can obliterate players in starting gear? I will answer you. Becouse powercreep is just way too high. Problem isnt gear. Problem is thst there is 500% power dif in single tier. And why is there such dif? Becouse of overbloat of diffifulty levels. Maybe we should start treating disease and not symptomps. Difficutly levels are disease and power dif is symptom.

right now you can play against conquest geared players with honor gear, you’ll still be weaker but you have a chance to win now with honor gear, you can outplay them.

Last expansion even if you had played 20x better against a geared player it meant nothing, you still got removed from existence with a few attacks.

There is no gatekeeping, what are you talking about. Craft 2 epic 424 pieces from work orders, then buy 2 Trophy of Strife items 421, complete the remaining item slots with honor gear which requires 6-7 epic bg, then replace them with conquest and tier sets.Gearing is easy.

This is gatekeeping. While you farm your Honor gear, you are not far from being useless to your team, an handicap even. Yes, this is not a big deal, but why even having this to do before even getting started? This means the first entry point in every PVP character is to get wrecked by random dude that have +120 ilevel than you (300 ilevel is pretty much your state when you ding).

Then remove Gear. No desease, no symptome. You just want to keep a useless system because it as been there before. Removing gear is littlerally the best way to deal with any powercreep.

You play EPIC battlegrounds not 10v10. Vehicle fights etc. Even with honor gear I destroyed 2 Glaives of Horde and had great impact on outcome of an epic bg.

In wintergrasp you hop into Catapults, your gear doesn’t matter much, just cc someone or debuff people at start until you have access to vehicles.

Only in Ashran you might feel useless but it also depends on your class.

By the way we also have access to this box now ; 375 conquest, it can drop 1800 conquest worth of weapon, 875, 700, 525 conquest pieces.

Your point of view towards gearing is distorted, it is not as difficult as you imagine.

Yep removing gear from rpg game. What could go wrong. How about to remove difficulty levels?!

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Maybe it’s not for a regular PVP player. It is for Casual. Those 6-10 epic BG’s are not done in one day.

I’ll take my priestess as example. I do what you said, doing Epic BG’s. I’m heal, i still have an impact even unstuff, and i stay far from the melee so i dont get wrecked. I dont have any main this season that can send me those crates, neither have the plans to craft PVP stuff, so i have to farm those honor points. To be fair, it’s not a big deal, but it’s been 2-3 weeks doing casually 1-2 BG here and there and i’m still far from being full Honor geared.

My real goal is to be able to go practice in SS, but i’m realistic, without this honor gear, it will only be a pain, so i’ll continue to go in BG for what, another 2-3 weeks? I don’t mind personally, but all i see there is a possible exit point for another casual PVP’er if not me.

What do you think would go wrong, exactly? PVP reward structure is already heavily cosmetic based. This would not have to change that at all. Do you really consider wow as being only Grinding gear simulator? I don’t know for you, but i still do MM+ dungeon only to push and have fun, even if i have no gear do get from it.

PVP is all about ranking , push farther, getting to a personal goal or just have fun doing so.

Anybody that wants or needs gear upgrades in PvP is bad.

I don’t make the rules.

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