PvP Hotfixes Incoming - Feb. 13


Good evening!

We’ve taken a careful look at healer mana during longer PvP engagements in both Arenas and battlegrounds, and we’re deploying some changes to address several concerns.

In PvP, we want mana to feel like a more critical resource, and we want mana efficiency to be an important part of PvP healing. At the beginning of Battle for Azeroth, mana regeneration from all healer specs was reduced by 15-30% (depending on the class), and after reviewing the current state of the game, we feel like further reductions are necessary to both healer specs and a few hybrid specs.

With a hotfix that is coming very soon:

Player versus Player

Restoration Druid mana regeneration is now reduced by 55% in PvP.
Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, Restoration Shaman, and Mistweaver Monk mana regeneration is now reduced by 50% in PvP.
Discipline Priest mana regeneration is now reduced by 45% in PvP.
Balance Druid, Feral Druid, and Elemental Shaman mana regeneration is reduced by 35% in PvP.

Separately, we’re working on the following hotfix:


Nourish (PvP Talent) mana cost increased by 30%

Separately, we’re addressing Neurotoxin.


Neurotoxin now increases the cooldown of affected spells by 1 sec, down from 3 sec.
Neurotoxin now has a 45 second cooldown, up from 25 sec.
Neurotoxin now has a 3 sec duration, down from 10 sec.
Developers note: Unfortunately, we are unable to fix a number of technical issues with this spell at this time. We’re working on a fix for it that we hope to include in 8.1.5.

Again, the above changes to the game will be made live very soon. I will update this thread with each, and you’ll see the final word on all new hotfixes in our next hotfixes update (tomorrow, Feb. 14, in the afternoon PST).

LOLOLOL guess they watched the tournament

(Daddyghoul) #2

That’s an absolutely insane nerf… Isn’t the problem nourish for rdruid? Plus what about all the other problems atm


i assume they dont want 10min games, i for one like this change as i dont wanna sit 10min against ele/x/x or anything shadow related


Healer mana regen nerf is great now you actually have to manage ur mana or you go oom. druid needs proper nerfs though also ww untouched for some reason


Well, maybe because they also realized, that we saw every class with at least one spec (hybrids also with at least one heal and one dps spec)? When was the last tourny we had that?!

And they also realize, that if they wanna nerf WW, they have to nerf those caster and rogues first.

And btw, what comp(s) reached the grandfinal again?


Awesome changes!
Make PvP great again!


rip drae Kappa


rdruid cannot cyclone or root spam anymore


But mages still can while their poly is baseline and doesn’t costs 1 honor talent slot.

(Almostholy) #14

This is damn good point, spammable controls are not good for the game… at least they have to cost something.


What?!?!? Disc already struggled with mana, and it gets nerfed 45%?! Ahahahaha

(Almostholy) #16

This is buff overall… see the full picture…are you blind or something


" At the beginning of Battle for Azeroth, mana regeneration from all healer specs was reduced by 15-30%"

“With a hotfix that is coming very soon:”
“Discipline Priest mana regeneration is now reduced by 45% in PvP”

Tell me how is this a buff?


Yes, how do u not understand? Disc got buffed cuz every other healers got nerfed for more.


Disc got nerfed. Other healers just go nerfed more. All are nerfs vs live, regardless. I understand why every healer got nerfed, but Disc already struggled with mana, so a 15% - 30% nerf on Priest might be overkill, when their output is pretty low already. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it works out

(Almostholy) #20

I don’t know how to feel, for people that play double DPS in 2’s like me this druid meta is cancer, and mana regen nerf is not a good solution.

But i do understand that changes are for 3v3 and 2v2 will never be balanced… just making a point that playing 2’s with double dps is going to be very rough.

(Bloodlock) #21

Rip shaman. Shaman has severe mana problems already. :joy:

And yeah, have fun vs sp comps now and enjoy the return of mw meta. :+1:


I really enjoy those fixes, sadly no Lock nerfs but its a good beginning!


these changes are so lazy. and where are the maledict nerfs

(Starpior) #24

Actually it brings mana expenditure to TBC-wotlk level. Healers ooming before damp kicks in is kinda good for the game.
Lets see how it works out in upcoming AWC.