PVP is a joke and i'm going to stop playing PVP

I will not step foot in arena again until major changes happen.

I will get my 1800 via solo rbg in future for the elite set but Arena i will never again enter as long as you priorities specs to have a million kicks, modifiers, mobility, defensive, offensive buttons.

The PVP in wow is the most toxic it’s ever been period. Worse than S4 BFA, Worst then S4 SL. It has lower partipation then all these which are widely considered the worst seasons and we’re not even in Season 4 yet…

**** developers honestly


saying bad bad bad is one thing

argumentating why it is bad is better

else it’s just complain for the story to complain and not making the game better

besides participation and no mmr inflation? Whats your exact problem with pvp right now?

Literally every single healer is viable right now and pretty equal or atleast no big outliner.

Dps wise i think 90% of the specs are viable. Besides frostdk, fury and enh i think every dps spec is decent.

There are no cheesy oneshots really.

Stuff like outlaw or demo is still a bit toxic to play against but nothing gamebreaking.

Gameplay wise its 10x better than most of bfa and SL.


Alright now post on your main.

Also, why do you even feel the need to announce this?

i feel like players would moan if they only had 1 way to interrupt or CC

casters would dominate people with things like Fear, sheep, cyclone etc.
it will always be a problem

imagine if they nerfed CC so hard … Frost mages and Warlocks would dominate everyone

It’s Addiez. He has no main. He switches characters for every post he makes here.

Fair enough, I don’t frequent the forums.

yeah this guy is hard cringe

welcome to wow eu forums

enjoy your stay, here’s a burger :hamburger:

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Tbh, on some specs I miss SL meta…

My MM was and is a burst spec. In SL there it was satisfying getting a good cc chain and trying to burst down the kill target. It doesn’t feel that good anymore. On my ele, DF meta is more fitting.

As MM, It feels like I was dying more often, but carried more matches. On ele RN, I am actually dying a lot less and losing matches still. Maybe it is just me, but I feel like ele can’t carry enough…

Honestly they should revert the cc nerfs and prune micro cc.

MM in SL was the most fun thing the game has had for a lot of years. Maybe not very fun for your opponents, but 100-0 through pillars was definitely peak fun if you were playing it

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i solo’d a whole team with that build in SL

my healer and teammate died, and i killed all 3 of the enemy team with Kyrian spell lol


It makes me sad whenever I look at Sentinel Owl talent and realize how glorious the original Resonanting arrow is. And for sure it was powerful and provided many and wtf moments, but MM wasn’t exactly dominating the ladders because it still had counters.

I’ve been playing MM again recently because it still does good damage and can end games before dampening. I just don’t like how stun trap combo feels so much weaker and how overtuned some defensives are in general.

I had a triple melee lobby in Lordaeron arena. Camo trap the healer and dpsed the enemy from the middle pillar who were tunneling our hpaladin. Knock after trap into binding and finishing with Chimaeral - the enemy healer basically wasnt even in LoS of his teammates for almost 40 seconds.

In any other expansion bar maybe BfA, this game would have ended already…

Had an Ashran game.

Got an artifact and tomes and stood on tower literally 1 shotting people with Sniper and melting teams with Resonating Rapid Fire Explosive shots.

70 million damage and 120 killing blows. So fun and absurd x)

you say i don’t say why it’s bad yet clearly state the reason i find it bad…

but you complain in arena (3V3 i guess) you take too much CC and kick

And then say in RBG blitz will be the solution

No buddy, instead of 3 player controlling you there will be 8 don’t be a delusionnal !

The reason you think it will be better is because right now blitz is not ranked
But when it will be ranked more you will go in rank more the control will be permanent.

Then you proceed to say S4 BFA and SL S4 is worst than actual season of DF when DF had more participation ( before devs just set more MMR to compensate the lack of participation).

So both statement is just complain for complain
You need to provide more detail in depth why you find it bad, not just “that bad and i will mention 2 extension where other player say it was bad”

Develop more.

  1. State the issue you met
  2. Mention the source of that issue
  3. Mention where that source of issue change and why dev may have changed it
  4. Why that change from dev didn’t go to plan
  5. Suggest multiple change possible to fix the issue

If you don’t argument in details the complain become just complain to complain and devs don’t listen to it.

Here a example of a change made from BFA → SL where dev listened to the forum :

Same goes for me after 2 months break i came back played 5 solo games and now im gonna take a longer break. ( and i even had 2k mmr). Seems like blizzard dont want people to play pvp. Or at least they dont care.

Its not the amount of cc that is a problem, but the programs doing the
cc are the problem. Kickbots, scripters and botters makes pvp as toxic as
it is. This will never change besides that one in a x that a banwave hits, few
weeks later its the same story again.

Pve is just as infested, yet no one notices since its against npc’s. I assure you that
3 in every 10 man raid group at least are using Lazymacro.

Ok, but your money will still land on Blizzard’s bank account :slight_smile:

Melees atm is at good situation, I have a Surv Hunter, and an Affl lock, both have 1800. But honestly, playing with a warlock is fun only when Im not tanking the entire game.

Imagine, a Heal monk, rog, and DH coming to you, you havent cast a single spell, both enemy has 100k dps on you, 3 of them are interrupted you, then stun, root, cant go away from them. If you hardly put your dots on each, DH is dispelling every 24 sec, rog cloaked, and your dps has gone.

I know, i know, there is a lot of affliction above 1800 and higher, but its not fun. :smiley:
I know warlock is the most hated class in pvp atm, but still everybody punish them immidiately.

With this survi melee, I have a tons of mobility, freedom, dmg reduction, heal, and traps to kite. Im still between 1800-1900 but I know how to improve. With lock, i have no idea :smiley:
… i wrote this only, I did the same before, “I’ll cancel” but always got an idea sooner or later how to solve the most broken classes.

For final word, I mained 3 healer class in SL, now 0. With healer its not too fair to get 0 points at 3 win, cause its the other healer is do everything well, you play a draw. Really hard to get higher. With dps, its much more easier.

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when did argumenting ever worked on wow forum

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