Pvp Ranks?

has anyone yet to get their pvp rank from last week? i did all my pvp and stopped on sunday, i should be rank 7 but it’s still showing rank 5 even though the player i did all my pvp with has also received their rank


It seems the new ranks were given out randomly yesterday. Me and my wife did not get ours before the scheduled maintenance, but saw on the x-bg discord that a lot of people got theirs.


Same happened to me, some people got their ranks and some people didn’t


Did not receive rank update. Honor calculations where not finished on my server when it went offline so some people got updated while others did not!

There is already much bigger topic about this issue: PvP Weekly Honor Calculations Date and Time

Let’s not create more duplicates and focus on one, so it’s more visible for Blizzard. Seems the forum is the only way to grab their attention.

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I didn’t get my rank either.

My friend logged in after midnight last night and he got the title, but I didn’t log in after midnight and did not get mine…

Was just about to post the same mate - thanks for noticing this too! PvP Weekly Honor Calculations Date and Time

np updates on ranks… :frowning: Hope they fix it.

Even though I made my voice heard in the other topic, I will post it here aswell.
Grinded the whole week. Stopped 1 day before calculations were supposed to be done. Logged in yesterday and even today at around 0:30 in the night. Was supposed to get Rank 5 25%. Still only R3 …

Made a reddit post about this: https://www.reddit.com/r/classicwow/comments/ngg22c/pvp_titlesrank_not_updated_accordingly

I haven’t had my PvP title/rank updated either, I’ve tried contacting tech support through the in-game ticket system but not very helpful. I did enough PvP to get another rank or two.
Hope this is fixed.

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