PvP Weekly Honor Calculations Date and Time

Your PvP activities this week will count toward your rank in both Classic Era as well as the Burning Crusade Classic title system (which allows you to display the highest rank you achieved in WoW Classic).

However, we have to initialize our final Honor calculations before we take other steps that will culminate in the snapshot of all characters during maintenance, so we will end the PvP week up to a day early. In this region, we will end the PvP week at:

  • 8:00 a.m. BST (9:00 a.m. CEST) on Tuesday, May 18

From that time until maintenance begins, PvP activities will not count toward rank.

Good luck out there!


What will happen to marks and honor earned during prepatch? Will we keep it or will it all get wiped with TBC launch?


If you continue in Classic Era, nothing changes.

If you go to Burning Crusade Classic, pre-patch on May 19 takes you to version 2.5, in which the entire Honor system is revamped.

Anything you earn in pre-patch will still be yours after Outland content unlocks on June 2.


This seems like very big news; in pre-patch players will be able to farm all the marks (except EotS) and honor they will need for level 70 marshal/warlord gear. They can ding 70 and collect almost all pvp gear instantly.

This does not feel very hype as it will give players even less things to do once TBC is actually out.

It feels like a more fun approach would be to wipe marks and honor once TBC is out and let people use their prepatch honor/marks on level 60 pvp gear in the prepatch without it feeling like a ”waste”.


FWIW I think this is exactly how it worked towards retail TBC. Prepatch honor/marks did not get wiped.
Also with rep PvP gear not being in and the only alternative being the high warlord set there’s still plenty to farm imo.

In 2007/2008 players did not stack honor cap and stacks of BG marks in prepatch knowing that they will be able to grab a whole bunch of 70pvp gear instantly when they ding

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Will time continue on the snapshotted characters during the time they’re not activated?
Time as in weekly honor decay and the 30 days until mail gets deleted.
More specifically, if I activate the classic version of my rank 12 snapshotted clone after a month of playing the TBC-version, will the character be down to rank 4 or something?


The final thing I am wondering myself. Otherwise great news!

Wow. I am not impressed. WHY DIDN’T YOU INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION WHEN PREPATCH WAS ANNOUNCED?! Had 2 weeks to grab r11 on an alt. Gave up on that knowing the last week before prepatch wouldn’t count AND NOW, THE LAST DAY BEFORE honor reset, YOU ANNOUNCE WE HAVE ANOTHER WEEK?!
Why didn’t you just announce the damn prepatch 6 weeks ahead of time? Is the Q2 results so important you have to stress everything to get released asap without planning ahead for it?

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Honestly the bullcrap the last week with the price for character copy, this late pvp announcement, the tbc pay2win (epic mount from level 40) bullcrap. ALL OF IT kills it for us players. Why are you treating us like crap?

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Yea let’s wipe this currency but not other currencis even though that wasn’t what happened originally. Makes total sense. Or is it also totally unfair that some people can buy epic mount and have their professions at 375 as soon as they hit 70? Cause then let’s just wipe gold as well!

Also, honor cap is 75k. Honor needed for off-peices, blue set and blue weapons is just shy of 300k. Even if you honor cap in pre-patch you’d have to cap about 3 times again before having the gear you need. Stop crying.


next time rank before phase 6 ( for the rank you want) - no need to cry now :slight_smile:

You never knew that. People have been pointing out that the last week did count towards honor calculations back in TBC, so it wasn’t unreasonable to expect Blizzard to do that again.

Yes we did, everyone I know did this back then.

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This isn’t how snapshotting works. Snapshotting is exactly that, snapshotting, freezing a moment in time for the character - clearly if you activate your $35 clone in 2 months time you would be at the rank you are on the 18th.

Do you know that for a fact or do you just want it to be like that? I’m aware what snapshotting is, but the way they explained the whole process it seems more like they take the snapshot and immediately paste it into both versions. Then the character is available there in your login screen - can be looked at, takes away a character slot, takes away a name on the server, basically performs all usual functions of a character… and is just deactivated for play until you pay. I think it’s entirely possible that honor will decay during the deactivated period.

My reasoning is the exact same as yours I’m afraid. No way to know if the character is “frozen in time” or not until we get an answer from Blizzard. Until we get confirmation of otherwise, we just have to assume the worst and that the characters time passes and thus rank will decay. I ofc hope it doesn’t.

You are comparing currency that has been accumulated over the whole course of vanilla with something that you solely farm in the pre-patch. It is like farming badge of justice in stratholme in prepatch just to save them and buy attack power trinket for 42 badges instantly when you ding 70.

Either how it feels like a lost opportunity of having a fun prepatch event where players can enjoy playing bgs for some lvl 60 pvp gear on alts during prepatch. And thereafter once TBC is out you ding 70 and farm for lvl 70 pvp gear when you ARE LEVEL 70

Shouldn’t be decay.
It’s from the may 18th snapshot. Any gold earned past may 18th on vanilla will not appear in tbc. Same with items. If you don’t have atiesh pre may 18th and you finish atiesh in vanilla era in july for instance then you clone that toon to tbc era it still won’t have atiesh because you didn’t have it on may 18th. Your clones will be in permanent stasis as they were on may 18th until you pay to activate them. And then they will still be as they were on may 18th.