Quel’dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race

Well, no I mean Humans are getting purple eyes and the lore isn’t exactly, all there, in my book.
Blood Elves getting purple eyes suits all classes, because you could either be a Mage (which makes most sense) or you could have been one of Kael’s Sunfury in Netherstorm. Purple eyes can still work.

Like I said, Humans might be getting a purple eye colour, so why not the Elves? (Both Night Elves and Blood Elves as well.)

Blood Elf Warlocks were a big TBC thing. Since the Sunwell’s restoration, the use of fel magic hasn’t been necessary. Hell, even Sunreaver Magi remembering using fel and dropping it.

Well the Shal’dorei have purple eyes and last I checked, they mainly used the Arcane.
I see no reason as to why a Night Elf or Blood Elf Magister/Magistrix, couldn’t have purple eyes. Night Elves are getting purple tattoos - coupled with purple eyes, I can see a savage elven arcanist on the Alliance and with the Blood Elves, we have a reserved and more elegant elven arcanist.

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Alright, so… As a player who want to be able to customize my character to look like Alleria on the Alliance side, I honestly don’t want High elves to become a new core race or allied race.
We already got the Blood elf model on the Alliance side. While the Void elves aren’t the Silver Covenant High elves, they are the closest thing we have and that I’m certain of that we will ever get. Rather, I’d want Blizzard to give Void elves new customization options, such as deeper blue eyes, and perhaps some more neutral coloured hair and even skin tones.
There’s already High elves who reside in the Telogrus Rift together with Void elves, and who walk with them throughout Stormwind. Those High elves are not able to go through the transformation that the original Void elves did, and therefor it would make sense (to me at least.) to give Void elves the customization options that I stated. They could have a Void form like Alleria that’s toggled on and off during combat, much like the Worgen have with their human form.
And also, too many elves. Way. too. many. elves. We don’t need another one to take an empty race slot, when we could get something else that’s unique instead.


This. So much, this.

We’ve got:
Horde and Alliance Night Elves
Horde and Alliance Blood Elves.

We do not need another Elven race running around. Blizzard are doing right this time, by updating and adding more customization features for Night Elves and Blood Elves.


The whole Helf playable does a huge diservice to Blizz established lore and people like me who are playing High elfs,Blood elfs, for over 12 years(and i am willing to bet there are more people who are like me).And now to push the devs/writers and fans like me on the side cause 3 guys made a recolor of a banner try to spin/fill in the blanks with there headcannon and level on mass to level 10 <3 and delete characters in the main thread to make the appearance of a big following,to this day there biggest argument is “if we are annoying enough blizzard will relent to our demands”.It also does a huge disservice to Void elf players who are High elfs.Back in November it showed that at level 120 Void elfs players rank as the 3th most played race for the Alliance on EU.

If anything i would argue Void elfs need the same customization treatment like every other race in Shadowlands,same as with Blood elfs.This goes in line with the story/lore for the writers and its not pushing the game into World of Elfcraft,not to mention i would rather for Blizz to add races like Ethereals if we go into the big „void is not actually bad“ that they seem to push.

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The lore is at a place to give both factions the customization options. SC disband, some join void elves, some join blood elves, both get high elf customizations. Win-win.


Blizzard should just do this, to be honest. What role does the SC actually have now?

As much as I’d hate to admit it, you are right.

Though I hold reservations about former SC’s walking around Silvermoon, as though the Purge never happened.

And yet, if Blood Elves got pure blue eyes, or purple, or any other colour other than green and gold (options that a High Elf of the Alliance wouldn’t have in the lore), it could happen that a SC High Elf spy would be able to infiltrate and walk around Silvermoon unpunished and he would be able to spy with no big problems because he would be literally identical to other Blood Elves with blue/purple eyes…you want that? I hope not :stuck_out_tongue:

so it’s better to stick with green and gold only…oh and teal, which is a shade of blue anyway…

But there’s nothing in the lore about High Elves having purple eyes.
Artwork is not lore.

To please a few, and annoy the majority.

I don’t think it would be that big of an issue. My boy Lor’Themar is open to letting them back it, so long as they don’t betray SIlvermoon. But I do hold grudges on a personal level.

Like I would not shed any tears if SC get killed in the pre patch in crystalsong forest.

No - I won’t tiddle on them if some of them catch fire. Spending a bit of time in the Maw might give them some self-reflection on past transgressions.


SC will be come.playable highelves. Thank you all for your support!

Ok…trolling so reported.


And there’s nothing in the lore about Blood Elves having purple eyes either…you mentioned the Sunfury mages of Kael in Netherstorm but in TBC those ones all had green eyes anyway…the green fel color is stronger and will supersede any other color.

And the Sunwell part of arcane magic is blue, not purple. We have the SUNwell, not a purple NIGHTwell (that looked void corrupted anyway :nauseated_face:

and if you mean that a Blood Elves could get purple eyes while casting/channeling an arcane spell…sure. But in that case the purple would fade away after the spell is over and the eyes would return to their original colours (green-gold)

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Except we’ve got these leaks, so start brainstorming, because I am.

If we see leaks for purple eye’d night elves, then I will get all the more interested and if Blizzard fails to deliver for blood elves, then I will simply main my purple-eyed arcane night elf mage.

I’ve got a blood elf warlock and blood elf priest in the back.

It hasn’t with the Nightborne.

I’ll be waiting for my Nightborne’s Eyes to turn back to silver or gold then…I have lived for 10,000 years, I do have patience.

Which is an ARCANE source as well as a holy source.

That is arcane power, in full play.
Perhaps it’s too much for the weak minded. Arcane is complex - only for those with complex minds.

We got leaks of red and black eyes too…does it mean that suddenly we could see the famous player LSWindrunner returning in order to RP as Sylvanas, a Blood Elf with red eyes? You want to see that?? I hope not, with all respect I have for LSWindrunner, that would be terrible to see a lot of Sylvanas RPers among the Blood Elves…

…so purple, red, black…they are just for NPCs only, it’s clear as day. The only possible exception is blue if Ion made a mistake, if not, just teal is ok.

Sure…as a Night Elf Highborne you can even be blonde now, like the original Highborne of Dath’remar…(only Dath’remar was with auburn fair hair among his followers to be honest…so I’m not really ok with blonde Highborne Shen’dralar Night Elves all of a sudden, but I guess Blizzard wants to throw a bone to the Night Elves after the Burning of Teldrassil)

I’m pretty sure that summoning a demon and control it in order to avoid getting your face eaten and your soul doomed is way, way, way more complex and requiring a stronger mind than…simply casting arcane blast or a frostbolt :rofl:

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Why you are so negative? Relax, calm down.

Love for elves! Love for highelves playable race for the alliance!!


Except Nightborne can have blondish/orange hair - so some things that Nightborne have, Night Elves should also get.

Plus, the gaudy colours (which they are) actually match well with the Highborne idea of having a poor dress sense and looking very gaudy and outlandish.

The dark green skin colour works well with the idea of a Suramar Highborne.
The dark purple skin colour works well as a Highborne in general.
Pale skin works well for both Shen’dralar and Sunstrider Highborne.

It’s so hard - it’s why the Sunreaver Magi dropped it, the moment they didn’t need it anymore.
Get’s the job done, maybe - but seems like an easy way out.

Hell, if you play a Blood Elf Death Knight or Blood Elf Hunter or indeed, a Blood Elf Rogue, I’d start getting potentially excited.

Well they shouldn’t have bothered making them, if that’s the case. A waste of time and resources.

Teal is as good as “blue.”
Adding that stupid colour will cause more arguments. Do you think people will tell the difference between teal and blue? No, as far as the majority are concerned, it’s blue.

Apparently, you’ve not seen the comments and contradictions, you’ve made.

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I do not accept any hate and anger issues from you. So keep your gifts to yourself. Good luck, thank You.

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Well you made the contradictions. Prepare for the comments and mockery.