Quel’dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race


You have void elves, and they’ve said no countless times.

Get lost.


Why is this even a debate or a question?

it’s obvious there is a high demand for that race and at the same time a lot more people play horde so this should help a bit to even out the factions.

so, just let us play highelves, perfect example - silvercovenant faction.


It’s a big post, and it looks impressive, but I don’t actually see any good reasons why High Elves would be an interesting or new allied race beyond “We want them”.

The post is made up of “debunks” to other player’s objections, but it doesn’t forward one single argument that adding high elves would be of interest/intrigue/development to the alliance beyond the fans who want them for the sake of wanting them.

So whilst some of the objections to them may be crummy- that alone isn’t really good enough to convince players who aren’t invested in high elves that this is an amazing choice.

Now you may say “hold on, why do high elves have to meet this standard? Other allied races didn’t!”
The difference is in this case those allied races were not copies of another race almost exactly, so they can be justified on the premise “they add something new”- at least that’s how they can be justified to a majority of players who don’t give a flying toss about lore anyway.
How do you justify “Belf, but for alliance” to these players? Because they don’t give a crap about the lore. They don’t care about the nuances of high elf stances to mana. All they see is a proposal to add another race to the game that is exactly the same as another one, except it’s on the other faction, and has different eyes. No different culture, no different classes. So in order to justify this idea, you’d need there to be “something” that adding high elves would give the alliance faction that is cool and sellable to the majority. I think what a lot of helf fans fail to recognise is that the majority doesn’t hold helf as this object of inherent coolness in the same way they do. They also fail to realise that adding an allied race solely to placate a fraction of the playerbase, whilst potentially leaving those outside of it feeling like they got a “cheap deal” probably isn’t something a company wants to do.

“But Mechagnomes weren’t popular with everyone!” indeed they weren’t. However they followed a formula of each core race having one allied race in imitation of them (in a manner).
High elves would essentially be duplicating on both the belf and velf already in game- doubling up essentially, just to appease this fraction of the playerbase. And those outside it aren’t necessarily going to be enthralled by the same model turning up across three races, and twice on the same faction. Not considering it could instead be easily done that Velf simply get customisation options to make them resemble Helf.

It’s a tricky thing to balance. Let’s say you give alliance helf and give horde their long-asked for Ogres/Forest Trolls (with the bulky model mind). The helf fans go “finally!” and those who aren’t in the group- this is very much going to be another “horde bias” moment because Horde gets an actually new race with a unique (or close to) model, whereas alliance not only get ANOTHER humanoid model, but it’s an exact copy of two races already in the game, and is almost identical to one of them. That doesn’t look like them treating both factions with the same amount of care, even if the Helf fans disagree.

This is what they need to realise, this isn’t solely about them and what they want. It’s about considering this, alongside other players. The basic formula seems to be following a pattern of each core race gets an AR “shadow” - you need to have a dang good reason why the Worgen/Undead “slot” should be scrapped in favour of essentially a colour changed Void Elf, because some people are holding out hope the last slot might bring something a bit new to alliance, and high elf is more of the same.

And no “we don’t like void elf” is not a good enough reason why the AR slot that seems to be intended for the worgen/undead shadow should be replaced with a clone of an already existing race.

I want to see solid, convincing reasons as to what the high elves would bring to the alliance faction that would make them a genuinely good race to add for everyone, not just helf fans, because it’s not the helf fans who need convincing. It’s everyone else, and this is exactly what Ion is alluding to when he’s talking about difficulties doing it because for all intensive purposes the race is largely already in game presented through the blood elves. Taking up an allied race slot to represent a political disagreement needs some real justifying, else you’ll end up with an addition that is loved by their fan group but possibly hated or seen as “the final straw” in proving blizzard gives more attention to Horde than alliance.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking High Elves are the only race that have been asked for continually. Stuff like Jinyu and Broken are extremely popular as well. They may not have colossal threads being endlessly bumped, but that’s possibly because their addition is less controversial. The difference is with these races they’re actually not represented at all in game in any physical likeness, they have ties with the Alliance so why not add them instead of Helf? They add something physically distinct at the very least, as well as being asked for, so why should Helf be added over them? Because they had a bigger thread in the forums? Let’s hear some compelling arguments.


Instead of baking copy paste races like void elves, mechagnomes, hmtauren, lfdraenei they should have listened to community.

Highelves are popular and requested since vanilla. They already in-game, for e.g. like silvercovenant faction. You just allow then playable - problem solved.

No other race is more requested and welcomed then highelves. Lets stick to this.


This whole comment is ridiculous and full of contradictions.

“Instead of baking copy past races like void elves.”
that is exactly what high elves are to blood elves, more so.

“High Elves are popular and requested since vanilla.” “They are in the game, like SC.”
SC wasn’t here until WoTLK.


They are already in game - in horde. Also I agree that they should not “baking copy paste races” meaning that you should not get them~ high elves.

Also copy-pasting locked threads will make you banned :pray:. Make your own thread instead of being lazy.


No, you’re not getting it.


Void elves were the answer to this demand. They’re not going to have three playable races with the same model.


Also no “rascal” closed the thread. Threads have reply limit and the previous one reached it.


To be frank, the door shut on ‘High Elves’ the moment the Sunwell patch went live.
Now the Blood Elves are High Elf again in all but name and affiliation.
Perhaps if Blizzard had gone a different route and had the Sunwell still been lost, things could have been different and adding this ‘different flavor of Blood Elf’ would have actually added something to the game.
As it is now they’re a redundant plot device, Blizzard already caved in halfways and gave the Alliance Void Elves, an ‘asspull’ race that atleast brought something new to the field, shame it kind of diluted the Alliance further, and they stand out like a sore thumb, but well, atleast it’s more than High Elves would bring to the table.

On the other hand, if they ever do decide to cave in to these entitlements, they may give the Blood Elves a far grittier and darker outlook and customizations…because to put it bluntly, the High Elves are boring as fudge in comparison, Human arm candy is their main characteristic, and well, you can’t really say with a straight face that this isn’t just about the Looks, because they’re as shallow as a mudpuddle, compared to the Blood Elven counterpart.


Why do you think they’ll add a race that looks EXACTLY like blood elves but with blue eyes, for alliance?

if you’re so dead focused on playing a high elf, blood elf and nightfallen are available.

If you insist on playing alliance and high elf, then play void elf.

Enough with this ridiculous post that was declined countless times.


Previous topic was deleted without any reason.

This is from 2019 copied info.


I believe it did just reach cap limit even for extended threads.

Also, there may be some rather bleak news for you I am afraid.

The Dressing Room function is up for Blood Elves, and it does show the eye colours, If you tick ‘NPC’s’ it shows all the customisations including Blue, Purple and Red, and those weird black eyes.

If you take ‘Playable only’ Then Red, Purple and the black eyes vanish from the options, Blue however is still there as an option for Blood Elves, three specific options.

Looks like Ion may have been wrong. Which you can take some degree of heart from, if he was wrong about that, he could be wrong about other things?

But yeah, it seems like blue eyed blood elves are going to be possible.

It does not matter anyway~ with eyes being customizable high elves are becoming a joke. Imagine that they got added:

  • what skin colors ?
  • what eye colors ?

Blizzard is raising standards when it comes to races. There will be no more “Highmountain Taurens” type of races added and failures like that most likely will get an upgrade.

Paintjob and single eye color will never be enough

They are in, called blood elfs for horde, and void elf for the alliance.


Either Ion was wrong or he didn’t want to upset the High Elf fans even further (for the time being). It’s not the first time the devs make a statement and then almost immediately change idea about it.

But even if Blood Elves do not get “deep blue” eyes, they will definitely get the “teal” option, and teal technically it’s a shade of blue mixed with green, also indicating that the fel taint is going away even without the intervention of the Light (the golden eyes). So the teal eye option already seem a good compromise to me even if we don’t get “pure” blue eyes, teal already represents a partially uncorrupted Blood Elf, and I think it’s especially good option for Hunters and Mages too.

Mages suit the purple eyes, the most.

Blizzard has ignored Blood Elf Mages in favor of Blood Knights and Farstriders and I think it’s time we Blood Elf Mage, main players, got something - just a little something, to show that they still care about us.


Re-roll Horde and play High (Blood) Elf.


Well Blood Elf warlocks are more ignored even than you Mages so :stuck_out_tongue:

and anyway the purple eyes will either be for NPCs only or at best for Void Elves (representing the Void alongside the deep blue).

Because let’s be honest if they give purple eyes to Blood Elves (even just Mages) then people could become a bit greedy and ask for every colour since the high elven race can have eyes of almost every colour under the blue/green glint…brown, silver, red, purple, white and others, so Blizzard could want to avoid that kind of situation.

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