Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race

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Oh, Alodi is/was a Half-Elf? I thought he was a Human, as he is looks like one in game…

Common Blizz, how difficult is it to make him have pointy ears like Nozdormu :disappointed:

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Yeah, Alodi was Half-Elven, and I think Blizz just change their minds now and then, so like, Arator has an Elven model, but Kalecgos who is supposedly Half Elven in his non Dragon form, uses a Human model, I think Alodi was the same.

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I hate the quilboar and their alert the krull. When i’m just trying to farm some ore. I cannot wait for Patch 8.2 where we can use Flying mounts then.


The real faction conflict is in this thread, not in BFA.

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To be fair, it’s entirely possible that you get Half-Elves who look like Humans and Half-Elves that look like elves. Depends on which genes they get more of :stuck_out_tongue:


Kalecgos has unique Half-elven model (at least is is stated), though tbh he looks just like human with blue hair, but that is caused by: colour of the scales = hair colour in humanoid form for dragons. In comparison Nozdormu looks a bit more Half-elfish with the beard and the brown hair colour, which hasn’t been seen on elf in the game (which is also caused by the fact, that he is Bronze dragon)

They do not have a proper Half-elf model, so they go with either human or elven one, again Kalec should be a half-elf, but nothing really makes him seem so.

Anyway Humans and Thalassian elves are not as different as other races, so if Half-elves were introduced in the game, the model should prolly pass as a bit bulkier elf or slenderer human, hence why I think that creating this one playable race featuring both pureblood elves (High elves) and half-elves (mixed origin) could work, with the differences being in the facial options and of course in the length and structure of the ears, since this feature is the one, which stands out the most.

Even Lor’themar Theron’s new model is bulkier and his face is broader than of the other Blood elves, which means there is a bit more variety, which ofc, if this was a species in real world, would be logical. But from the game’s perspective the most likely reason is that he is a Farstrider?

Alliance High Elf Allied Race Megathread
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Sorry if I’m changing the topic or something, but I just found this piece of artwork… it’s just sublime. It really expresses what many of us Void Elf characters feel right now.


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Not canon. Unfortunately, none of the information from those books counts in WoW. It doesn’t give insight, it’s basically fanfic.

From the RPG books we know nothing about World of Warcraft. Pretend you never read it. It doesn’t count.

Absolutely. I personally love the idea of half elf options for the high elf allied race. Just don’t say that they’re more numerous than they are.

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Oh yeah, totally dig that. Was just remarking that they use both sets of models for them.

If I remember right, I think Kalecgos just has a normal human model with blue hair? Been a while since I have done the quests in Bilgewater with him though. Nozdormu does look more half elven, though to be honest, he looks much more Elven, and I’m pretty sure you can get that hair colour, you definitely can on female Belves.

That would make sense, the Farstriders are always described as the most physically robust, and even in our world, Archers (As most Farstriders are) from medieval times tended to be very bulky in terms of upper body strength, took a lot of muscle to draw an English Longbow (Which is probably why other nations just went with Crossbows, which were pretty much point and click)

That, is a pretty amazing piece of art, That is some real artistic talent right there. That is someone depicting Elves right, the mirror thing is done very cleverly also

Pretty much that. Its OK to take flavour from it, but nothing in it is ‘fact’ in terms of the actual gameworld.

Remember Half Elves are going to be very rare. Don’t let the Trailer Trash Kardashia-Ahem- Windrunners fool you. That’s not normal. That’s massively looked down upon by Elven Society. Which you can kind of see. Whilst I, as in me the player, obviously have absolutely zero problem with mixed race relationships (and have been in several) Brigante regards cross Species relationships as disgusting, though he is generally polite enough not to say so openly. Elves, all types of Elves, are arrogant. THey just are, and do you know what, if I lived for Thousands of years when surrounded by people who barely live a hundred, I’d imagine I’d be pretty arrogant. Some would say I already am, and I’m only in my 40’s!
Arrogance needs a defence mechanism to make it seem justified to the person/race/species, as to why -they- are best.

Unfortunately our examples from real life are rather horrifically unpleasant, but it does seem that an Elf and Human relationship would be seen as somewhat taboo. Alleria and Turalyon, Oooh, bit edgy, crossing into Lord of the Rings Territory with Arwen and Aragorn, but fair enough. Wait, hang on, Vereesa and Rhonin? She’s the same Family as Alleria! Do you really think that is likely? But oh well, if you insis- Wait what now, Sylvanas and Nathanos Marris? Are you for real? You repeated the same ‘Elf Chick and Human male’ Meme three times, using the same family? For Real?
I’m not going to be cruel, no, wait, I am. None of those three are Blood Elves, they’re all trailer trash High Elves, all I’m saying…

Jokes aside, what we do see from ‘Dark Mirror’ as much as I loathe it and wish it was never published, is that Elves do have a certain disdain for humanity, or at least a disdain for them when trying to, well, culturally appropriate Elven traditions I suppose.
I mean in fairness, Lor’themar Theron seems a pretty ‘stand up guy’ , but even he was like ‘Nathanos? a Human? In the Farstriders? Ugh’.

And to be fair…he was Right. Nathanos was only there because he was boinking the boss. (Which does make his constant presence in BfA -really- annoying on Hordeside).

But yeah, Blizzard have stated that High Elves are very rare, and are often mistaken for Blood Elves, so as a result it is logically fair to say that Half Elves would be even rarer. I’m not saying there are none, we know there are, just that they would be very rare, but then so are Void Elves, so ehhh….


Half of hordes Population consists of bloodelves, as long as that does not change there will never be highelves on the alliance side.

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No it doesn’t. That simply just isn’t true. They are -narrowly- the most played race, but not 50%.


Okey Brigante, its 35.8% on US and 37.3% on EU right now for lvl 120 characters. so let me rephrase that for you.

Over 35% of Hordes Population consists of Bloodelves, as log as that does not change there will never be Highelves on the Alliance side.


Do you really want to see high elves anywhere you go? I mean yeah, faction balance and all that, but at what cost?

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What will you give for High elves? I’ll give away void elves.

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Belated because I was muzzled, but happy 7k posts.

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its insane that this post is still going on!!! just give them already to the people. Retail is dead anyways so you can do whatever you want with it.

Bring Classic fast pls


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My old night elf main, Arodeesa Winterstorm, shared the same view, but was a lot more upfront about it. She accepted friendships, but anything romantic with a non-elf was unacceptable. She even kicked people out of her regiment (the Winterblades on Defias Brotherhood) for refusing to end their relationship with a human. The elf had to leave the guild both IC and OOC (disclaimer - I don’t personally have any issues with any kinds of consensual relationships between adults, but my night elf did, and the guild was built as a hyper conservative WC III style night elven regiment, and we didn’t allow OOC guild members).

That’s why I love playing elves. They allow me to explore sides that feel foreign to me personally, like xenophobia and being conservative. High elves would allow for some other dimensions to this than night elves, though, seeing as they’re in a slightly different situation, and haven’t been immortal like the night elves were for ten thousand years. And different to void elves because they’re less voidy. Different to blood elves because of how they’re exiles, a minority, more conservative in some aspects, while less conservative in others, how they’re probably bitter at their old kin, their former leaders, the rulers of what used to be their home, for centuries and more.

Prominent figures among the high elves, formerly and present. This is what Elisande talked about when she came for the high elves.

Half elf options for high elf allied race confirmed! Right?

I doubt we will. Allied races will be rarer than the old races because they’re locked behind reputation grinds and quests. Only the people who really want high elves will bother. And yes, I’d love it for people to get what they want. Especially when it’s what I want. =p


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Re-release Northrend for next expact ‘Scourge’ and add another Silver Covenant faction that you need to get exalted with in order to unlock them. People won’t even care if it’s a Legion re-hash as long as it’s better than BFA.
It writes itself.


Oww dud, 7ks of replys. The battle continues mon amis, keep fighting and dont give up. Ogres and Helves will become a reality i hope


I swear I have seen it somewhere saying, that he has unique Half-elven model, though, I am sorry, I can’t find the source now. (he has at least unique face other than the hair colour, while the body is the same as any other human’s)

Yeah, I know that. I used it, because it is the only source, that gives any insight. Other than that, there is literally no other source, so we can say that we know absolutely nothing about them or that the information from the RPG book can serve us as an inspiration for how it could be, until Blizz clarifies it. Which might not happen at all X)

I did not stated it as a fact (at least I hope, if I did, I apologize), btw I did not meant it like there are 100x more Half elves, it was rather a suggestion for my idea to work. I still find it quite doable and as a possibility, how to get Half-elves and High elves alike. It justifies the use of different model and unique customisation options (let’s say 50 % would be Half-elven and the other 50 % HE in facial options), which means that it could have higher chances to be added, since it would be different enough. + the story could be rich, when there would be two “races” and together they can make nation strong enough to not rely heavily on the Alliance in every single matter.

I think it is a good compromise and a solution, which could harm no one, but that is just my POV.

We stil do not know what is their population, just that there is prolly some, if they are just individuals or if they created enclaves within the big cities or if some joined Silver Covenant, where they would be accepted, since if its leader, Vereesa, had human husband and is raising half-elven kids, while all of HEs still did not question her choices or leadership, there should be more compassion and open-mindedness for them.

Who knows? Maybe Blizz can say tomorrow, that there are only few Half-elves on Azeroth, although that would be super weird and cringy, when all of the Windrunner sisters chose human partners…

It all also goes along with how many High elves are still alive, we know of the minimum, but that is again kinda vague.

Btw: Sorry for late responses, I haven’t got much time lately.