Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race


Wow really? Hahah Gnolls for High Elves? I dont think your horde brothers and sisters will agree! How about we give you dead Night Elves?

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Pfft, not interested in those, we just got living Night Elves :smiley:

No, I seriously reckon Gnolls. I’d love it. and they fit. I would totally legit be willing to have Alliance get High Elves if Horde got Gnolls. Its even easy to do, they use the Tauren Skeleton just scaled down anyway…
We know that whilst some Gnolls are as thick as two short planks, others like Sayge from Darkmoon Faire are actually perfectly sensible and articulate.

Sure, why not. Gnolls. I’d find them a lot more interesting than San’layn or undead Kaldorei…


Although i agree that they’d fit the Horde perfectly, esp given their story and how the Alliance have been killing them over and over.

I think personally that once the High Elves become playable, the only way to minimize the rage of some horde players is to give the horde something that is equally - if not cooler than the High Elves. Something that is also considered “good looking” by the majority of the playerbase that don’t care about the lore.

We see the direction Blizzard is going with the horde, given they gave them the Nightborne. A race like that, only better looking and with a better model will make the horde happy.

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Yeah, I mean they could easily make Gnolls make sense, I mean Hyena’s are pretty crazy things anyway. for a cultural slant, make them African, taking elements from Masai and Zulu culture, but respectfully, not in a clumsy “Hurr durr they’re black dudes” They’re pretty culturally deep, but humans just give them funny names like “Hogger” because they don’t understand their language. Sure, they’re Hyena’s, and people see them as Scavengers, but no one understands them. Like the other Horde, they are pariahs, people don’t understand that the Gnoll is the last thing that comes around and gives your life purpose, even after your last breath has left your body… Whether as leather for a tent, whether for the wealth you have, whether, even, yes, for meat. The Gnolls will always be there, and will find a use for what you leave behind… Theirs is a culture of deepseated -respect- for Death, and the understanding that even in death, there is still use…

Feck…Don’t get me started, I’ve already thought too much about this as it is in the last few minutes! :smiley:

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Yes, Blizzard wants to mock you. Mocking players has been a theme from them for a while. Thay delusional and fanatic in your demands, but you won’t get your tolkien copy paste elves.


I’ll be laughing so hard when they’ll be announced. To be honest, i’m more excited to see your reaction than anything else :laughing: . Oooh the tears… the damn tearsss

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We will have them playable!

(Erevien) #6319

Nah. Keep your dreams low.


Darling , just go away…

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Yeah. Keep your dreams high.


Erevienie is holding on his dear dreams, the dream of Ion inviting him to Blizzard HQs and ask him personally if they’re allowed to release the High Elf. He is also dreaming of a world where Blizzard cares more about his feelings than the money they can make from releasing the most asked for race in WoW with the biggest race driven community of any race in game. Oh poor Erevien.

Since he wants to be called a High Elf so bad, maybe we should all donate some money to him so that he can race change when they’re playable, at last he will be the Quel’dorei he always wanted to be!

EDIT: And who will blame him, playing a Sin’dorei next to orcs and trolls sure isn’t something any Thalassian fan would want.


6200+ posts and where are we on this issue?
We’re in exactly the same place as when this discussion started.

Yes, High Elves are pretty cool (Not quite as cool as Gnomes though)
Yes. There’s a pretty decently sized group that would like to see them as an allied race.
No, Blizzard probably aren’t ever going to let that happen. Not with the introduction of Void Elves.


Well it’s a discussion, it will always stay in the same spot between yay and nay sayers giving their arguments then call the others’ argument BS etc etc etc it’s not like we decide if we’re going to move forward.

No race is as cool as gnomes, Gnome’dorei is the master race and we all follow.

That’s up for debate. Seeing how they are constantly being added (even in this patch), and in BfA more than ever, shows for one that they are not forgotten by Blizzard. I don’t want to get into the lore and why it makes sense because you can go up and read it for yourself.

The community is doing all we can to make our voices heard with many projects done, in progress and coming.

I can’t say for sure, as we don’t know what the future holds for WoW, but them becoming playable is very very likely. If it’s not to expand the game’ lore, it’ll be to grab money from players. Because i know, as you do, they’ll make them a very decent amount in race changes only.


My hope it’s Vereesa … the third sister. She’s already a leader. But her faction it’s still not playable… and she have so many reasons to hate the Horde …
A perfect moment to join Alleria and Jaina ^^


She also dislikes Sylvanas like Alleria. Now Sylvanas being Warchief, we will definitely see Vereesa in action. (Also, remember Theramore and the high elves there!). But my guess, the earliest we can “expect” to hear anything about High Elves is probably next expansion. But we will definitely see them in action in this one.

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Lmao a few hundred vocal people spamming threads is barley all of the community. The next allied races will not even come close to the priorities of Blizzards of that’s what you’re hoping for.

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Pfft…I know you were being tongue in cheek, but that is actually what -appeals- to me about Blood Elves. I like that they are in the Horde, it gives a lot of interesting morality to play around with. For example (and Obviously…Rp Realm) Brigante is currently in prison for objecting to other Horde characters Simply executing and toying with Prisoners of War in the last RP Campaign, Its good RP Development. “How far is too far?”

No one, quite simply No one, is as cool as Gnomes…

I’m not so sure. Remember, even after Theramore and the High Elves there, she was -genuinely- considering Sylvanas’ offer to come and live with Sylvanas in Undercity. Vereesa cannot have been naive enough not to realise what that would mean, but she genuinely was considering the idea during “War Crimes”.

It is possible that Teldrassil may have changed this, but I don’t actually think Vereesa -does- hate Sylvanas.

Think on this (This is Brigs Theorycrafting and getting carried away here, but I love doing this, don’t get me started on ‘You can’t kill Hope’ as a line :smiley: ).

The Three Sisters Comic. They’re reminiscing. They’re doing so -civilly- They’re doing so in their own homeland, despite the fact Sylvanas is the Banshee Queen and Warchief of the Horde. Nothing about that comic is antagonistic, they’re playing a game they played when younger (Bizarre irrelevant fact, for the last five years, ‘Two Lies one Truth’ has been a game played by Blood Elves on Argent Dawn, now it turns out that it actually -Is- a canon game they played! I mean its a common enough game, but still, was fun to read).

Now, and this is me getting interpretive. Look at the cover art for the Comic. The Tripartite gem, in green, blue and red.

The top two fragments of the clearly shattered pendant are Alleria in Green, Sylvanas in Blue. Their eyes are both open, their expressions both in different ways defiant. The Bottom fragment of the shattered pendant is the red gem, with Vereesa’s face upon it. Her eyes are closed, her face downcast, her look, almost one of despair. As if she is the only one who realises how both sisters have not only drifted from each other, but from -her-.

She is the only one who is ‘Normal’ anymore.

Alleria isn’t. Sylvanas certainly isn’t. When they reminisce, there is that scene where they say “We were always our own favourite dance partners” and you see the three sisters, all alive, dancing in a ring, whilst sat on a rock nearby, their brother Lirath is playing a lute.

Vereesa is all that is left of those times…
Lirath is truly dead, Sylvanas is Undead, and Alleria is…Something Else. Vereesa is the -only- truly surviving Windrunner sister, for all that Alleria still breathes, she is not a Quel’dorei anymore (Blizz do actually confirm this, look her up on WoWPedia, its confirmed with links that she no longer classes as a High Elf.

Vereesa is the glue between the sisters. She is the one common link that they have, that is still -normal- And perhaps that is why she looks so despairing in that comic’s cover.

She knows that like the amulet on the cover, they are all three, torn apart, and cannot be fixed…


Correct me if i’m wrong but Vereesa has her issues with the Horde after what had happened to Theramore where her people and Jaina’s people were bombed. We could argue, that’s the reason why, when she told Alleria that Sylvanas is leading the horde, she sounded sad and as if she lost her sister, and this time for good.

In the comic, at least to me, she wasn’t really that excited to see Sylvanas, she was almost in denial of what her sister has become? The comic portrayed her as being closer to Alleria than Sylvanas. I think, that, coupled with Teldrassil and how she almost killed Alleria in Lordaeron, i doubt she has any feelings left for Sylvanas.

That is IF blizzard doesn’t give Sylvanas a redemption arc. I’d love to see them reunited but i kind of cannot stand Sylvanas and what she is doing anymore and hope she just get dealt with.

Also, yeah i know Alleria isn’t classified as a high elf any more, another one down the sewers and i’m still salty about it :frowning:


Who said all of the community? Selective reading again? “Has the biggest RACE DRIVEN COMMUNITY of any RACE DRIVEN COMMUNITIES” and i thought i was clear everytime i said “HIGH ELF COMMUNITY” aka not ALL wow’s community.

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That would make complete sense, and I would have thought she would be furious at the Horde, I mean they did kill probably some of her friends, and her husband…but then…“Tides of War” is set after all that She’s happy to chat with Sylvanas. I mean she goes for a ride in Quel’thalas -knowing- that she would probably be Kill on Sight for many there. Its weird. She -Should- be furious at all Horde, but it seems she is not.

I’m not sure I like that writing, Vereesa has good reason to hate Sylvanas, but then she has good reason to stick a spike through Umbric’s head.

I can’t see the Windrunners being reunited. I think that is the essential tragedy of their character arc, but I also wouldn’t be so keen to shackle any future doings of Vereesa to Sylvanas. I don’t think Sylvanas will be killed off, but I would be -incredibly- surprised if she is still Warchief at the end of this expansion. She is being set up for a fall. I have a theory that Nathanos will be killed, and yet another link to her old life destroyed. I legit think that Nathanos will be the big Alliance triumph this time round, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Sylvanas doesn’t actually lose her marbles. Not as in get angry, but actually go insane… No, I reckon you’re better off pinning your hopes for High Elves on their own future development, not on a connection to Sylvanas, like I say, I think she has a rapidly approaching “Sell by date” as Warchief.