Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race


What’s your opinion on her still having a relationship with Alleria and her son then?

The writing of the sisters has been rocky… Vereesa is angry at the horde, at least we saw that in MoP, like i said, her forces were ready to attack the Blood Elves and Lorthemar had they acted out or the Pandaren not jump in between. The comic…is awkward, i guess she is angry at the horde (argus) but doesn’t hold her sister responsible as the culprit is widely known and Sylvanas wasn’t the one that planned or executed it.

I guess she’ll have issues with what Sylvanas did to her allies (Kaldorei) and her sister in Lordaeron. If the rumors are true and we’ll get a Quel’thalas warfront, we know for a fact the Void Elves will be present and i bet Vereesa and the High Elf forces will be present too on the Alliance side.

I doubt Sylvanas will die too, but you can’t stop me from dreaming! :stuck_out_tongue: Esp after what she’ll do to Baine


I re-read the comic 'Three Sisters- to refresh my memory and found some interesting statements made by Vereesa herself.

  1. She doesn’t hold Sylvanas accountable, she knows Garrosh was behind it and actually met Sylvanas during Garrosh’s trial to poison him, but she chose not to, informing Anduin of the deed saying “I chose my sons instead of a life with Sylvanas in the Undercity”. So that explains why she was OK with Sylvanas coming to the meeting.

  2. She is angry with the Horde, she believes the Sin’dorei will one day reflect upon their actions and rejoin the Alliance.

Kind of interesting to see her say those things. She debunks an argument saying she is neutral, which she is not, she clearly said “the alliance” in the comic and she also debunks the whole “Sin’dorei are still Quel’dorei” etc etc because she clearly makes the difference clear in the comic.

Thank you for reminding me of it, was a good read again :slight_smile: .

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Because whilst at times suffering from some rocky writing, Vereesa is basically a -good- person? This comes down to the fact that she is also the youngest Sister, and as such she will kind of…look up to and respect her elder sisters (Don’t even ask me the psychology behind this, it was a very embarrassing conversation I once had with my younger brother) besides, Alleria, whilst definitely ‘Something else’, has the ability to appear just the same as she was, the Big Sister Vereesa knew, and would have found a comforting presence, as opposed to Sylvanas, who is cold, dead, her face marked by her dying tears, her eyes unnatural.
Alleria still is -alive- and so there will always be that degree of connection, that with the best will in the world, there cannot be, with Sylvanas.

She sure was, but that was instant pain, sudden grief. That was pretty soon after Rhonin’s death, plus it is not -really- certain who she referred to by “They killed my Husband!”
It was only Blood Elves there, and apart from the one dude who made the Mana Bomb, their involvement was minimal in Rhonin’s death. In fact -pointedly- so. Both the Sin’dorei and Forsaken sending a deliberate snub to Garrosh, by not turning up to the battle in person, but sending a ‘couple of boats worth of troops’

This is where the writing gets really awkward. If she’s not angry at Sylvanas, why is she angry at Lor’themar during MoP, I mean he quite blatantly did not plan or execute it either? He’s also not Warchief of the Organisation that -did- carry out the act. Vereesa knows this because of the confrontation where she (or Jaina) throws that at him and he says “My people knew nothing of this!” and then the infamous “Aethas Sunreaver shifts awkwardly”.
We -know- what Lor’themar is like. He is a snark beast of the highest order, but at least he ‘fesses up’ to his mistakes and personally addresses them.

Vereesa will know what he is like also, her highest -earned- rank (She was never Ranger-General, she just -gave- herself that title post Exile) was Farstrider Ranger, Lor’themar would at some point have been her boss as Ranger-Lord. They may never have met, but she would know what people said about his mannerisms and character.
Her actions are a bit sketchy at that point, and do not make a whole degree of sense. I think they could have made it clearer and more sensible if rather than “They Killed My Husband!” She had said “The Horde Killed My Husband!”

That would have made far more logical sense to that encounter.

But then this said, they did miss out some important bits, whilst foolishly leaving others in.

The reason Aethas Shifts Awkwardly is that the original quests would have shown that Yes, he knew nothing of Thalen Songweaver’s betrayal at Theramore, and he even didn’t know that a Sunreaver had breached Kirin Tor Neutrality to steal the Divine Bell, he did in fact -learn- that latter fact afterwards, so ‘The Sunreavers’ were not responsible, but he chose to keep it to himself, rather than tell Jaina, basically balancing her anger against Garrosh’s.

It was a whole confused mess of dialogue. Jaina was telling the truth, Lor’themar was telling the truth, Vereesa was telling the truth, even Aethas was telling the truth.

This is what happens when quests get cut and people don’t check the continuity afterwards.

I think you are right though, given the fact that Sylvanas was quite happy to kill Alleria at Undercity, Vereesa will -now- be furious with her.

I really…Really…Really Hope we do get a Quel’thalas warfront. Even though it was playing through a hideous loss, (I presume you’ve played it on an alt) I -LOVED- the Blood Elf Heritage armour quest chain. So many cameo’s, so much context, so much use of locations, and Oh Gods don’t look down whilst riding the Dragonhawk or you really will see the elven cost in lives, But yes, if they do have a Warfront like that, the Ren’dorei and Quel’dorei would be the sensible people to be driving that narrative…

Oh Gods she’s never been Neutral…Did anyone ever seriously think that? I mean -technically- she was during WotLK, but only very tenuously, the Silver Cov were as obviously slanted towards the Alliance, as the Sunreavers were towards the Horde.

Although in fairness, given the actions of the organisation she runs, she should realise that one of the reasons the Sin’dorei will not rejoin the Alliance is her very own self, and what she ordered…

I think there is a lot of disconnect with what Vereesa thinks and how she acts, however I think is purely down to her not getting decent screen time and writing, With a more coherent writing guideline I think she could indeed be a Quel’dorei leader, but with the current writing she is getting, it just, wouldn’t gel so well…

In fact I think that would be the ‘litmus test’ of if they are going to introduce High Elves as playable. If Vereesa starts getting consistency of character, and decent writing, then that means they are ploughing effort into her, and would be a hopeful sign that they plan to introduce the race.

WIth the Exception of Magister Umbric (Whose situation was obviously different) they have foreshadowed this with every other Allied Race.
I think that’s the key sign to look out for. When Vereesa steps forwards, gets some screen time, and a writer that understands the character, then playable High Elves will not be far behind.

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There would be no need for any lore gymnastics. High elf lore is already in place. Most of it is shared with blood elves, but for more than a decade, the high elves have had their own lore, which segments them increasingly deeper into the Alliance. The lore is there.

Not even remotely. As mentioned, the lore is already there, and the blood elf story is just as valid with or without high elves being playable. Playable high elves would actually strengthen blood elf lore. Imagine the conflicts between families, friends and neighbors, torn between factions. This has already happened with the void elves. Role players have grasped the opportunity to embrace the struggles. I hope future quests and other bits of lore will build on this, for all three Thalassian groups.

We kind of need them on the Alliance. Not as much for the exact model (though I’d certainly prefer it, with blue eyes), but for the high elf part. Lore, flavour, history, you know.

I’ve suggested it, mostly jokingly out of spite, but also in an effort to make Blizzard make something happen to those zones. I’d love for Quel’Thalas to become a warfront, but I’d actually love it even more if the zones were updated to permit flying, to have transmogrification and barber shops (the lack of which is an utter outrage!) and to see improved graphics. And to see some dog gamned progress on the rebuilding efforts that have had zero progress for thirteen years!

Of course you would. There’s a lot more to the Alliance than the Light. This is partially explained in the void elf introduction. High elves and void elves get along fine, as seen both in Stormwind and in Telogrus. High elves and night elves have actually gotten along nicely in the past years. Shandris and Vereesa have been known to work together.

Those who changed their names to sin’dorei pretty much revoked their claim to being quel’dorei. But I’ll be willing to let lost blood elves return to their old ways and reclaim the high elven name with their kin, in the Alliance.

I think both ought to get the same things. Personally, I’d love to see warpaints, Alleria and Rommath styles, come back in fashion. Perhaps separated by colour. But I’d be content to have unpainted high elves as well.

This is partially explained, and highly tied to the Alliance’s trust towards Alleria. We do see high elves in Telogrus, so there’s obviously something going on between void elves and their uncorrupted cousins that’s not hostile. I expect this to be expanded on.

Quel’dorei have joined the Alliance, and nope, they didn’t turn all shadowy and tendrily.

Have you been following this debate at all?

Yes, it’s alive and well. Thanks for your contribution.

Blood elf fantasy belongs to the Horde. High elf fantasy is Alliance fantasy. It’s just that tiny little issue of playability we want fixed.

But not vice versa. Blood elves belong in the Horde. We want the other high elves. The ones who didn’t change their names, and didn’t join the Horde.

Ignore or counter? So far, I haven’t actually seen a single argument that points out why playable high elves would be impossible, neither in lore or in gameplay, that hasn’t been taken seriously, debated, and debunked. I haven’t even come across any not debunked arguments that point out why it might be a bad idea. If such arguments have been made, and not been properly countered, then please bring them back up. Don’t just say they’re there, but point them out. Make your case clear.

What arguments against playable high elves are we ignoring? (And remember, debunking is not ignoring.)

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So Ion stands correct, you are just too blue team absorbed to jump over your shadow. GG

(Moistmeatbal) #6337

The lame elfs are already a faction that you can play, they are called Blood elfs now and they really wish you’d stop calling them.

(Erevien) #6338

So same model just a different team with blue tabard. Right. Ion was proven correct.

(Azrathel) #6339


Same model, yes. Different team, yes. Tabards can be changed. Also, lore that’s been different for thirteen years. Also, throughout these thirteen years, the high elves have been a part of the Alliance, increasingly more as time has passed. High elf lore has become Alliance lore.

Ion wasn’t technically completely wrong. He just forgot to consider faction flavour (but hey, it’s not like faction matters these days, is it? Oh, wait…), lore that’s been established and expanded upon in almost every single patch, in quests, in novels, in comics, in cinematics and more. And he omitted to consider that high elves who aren’t blood elves, and that have been a part of the Alliance ALL the time (to varying degrees) have been the most requested race throughout the history of World of Warcraft.

But yes. Ignore that, and all the other points that have been made, in order to reduce it to needy Alliance players wanting to steal the blood elves’ models.

(Erevien) #6340

There is no faction flavor. It’s the same race. End of Story. This game has bigger problems than a single allied race that already exists playable.

(Azrathel) #6341

And here I though we might be playing the same game. Obviously not. My bad. Come back when you’ve played World of Warcraft, and especially when you’ve played a little in Battle for Azeroth. Faction flavour aplenty here.

(And I know they’re the same race, just like the two factions of pandaren.)

You do realize that just because you say “End of Story”, that the story doesn’t end here, right? You can reduce what we say all you like, and you probably will, in order to keep whining about our requests and suggestions without actually considering what we’re saying. The debate will keep on, though. Those of us with something to say will say more, be it suggestions or countering negative comments. Your negativity doesn’t dissuade us - it fuels us.

I guess I ought to thank you for keeping this thread up by bumping it, and say the same ignorant thing over and over again.


Your argument can be applied to the Nightborne, yet surprisingly, you guys use the same arguments we use to justify the High Elves, to justify why the Nightborne joined the Horde.

You are a nitpicker and you only reply to comments where you can apply the “tabard” and “Ion said so” arguments, because in reality you have no arguments. Your only problem with the High Elves is the model, and we already said, and you keep ignoring it, that the model is the least of our concern, High Elven old model aka the Kaldorei model would be just fine, as long as they carry the High Elven status. I bet you’ll ignore this one, again.

Although yes they are of the same race (Like some other races shared between the Alliance and Horde) they have different beliefs and walk different paths, the most prominent Quel’dorei character, Vereesa, sees the Sin’dorei as something less than, she sees the Sin’dorei as people that lost their ways and need redemption, i can hardly see her identifying with you, a mere Blood Elf, you are not and you will never be called or considered a High Elf again. The Quel’dorei are people that chose their dignity above the Blood Elven nation that went and used dark magic.

The Quel’dorei stood with the Alliance since the day it was born and they continue to show loyalty to the Alliance, they are not neutral to you and they were ready to attack your leader and his blood elf troops without thinking twice.

Quit trying to make the Blood Elves and the High Elves one, because they aren’t. The blood elves gave up that status and lifestyle voluntarily and they no longer consider themselves High Elves. Nor do the High Elves or anyone in game mention those 2 nations as 1. It’s only you Erevien.

(Erevien) #6343

They totally are. Only difference is their political alignment. The name Sin’dorei has nothing to do with their culture, but the rememberance of Quel’thalas when is was soaked in blood and death.

What dignity? The one where they sell their bodies to breed half helf/human babies? Don’t make me laugh.

Sunfury is gone, mind you. Those playable elves never sucked fel magic. Just read the chronicles.

Of course she would. She is a human mattress for Rhonin after all.

No, you just can’t accept it when Blizzard tells you “no”.

(Daltor) #6344

How many times did Blizzard tell the Classic-whiners “no”?

(Erevien) #6345

Classic Servers are Blizzards way of stopping the illegaly private servers and make a profit out of it. High Elfs however? The vocal minority demanding them don’t give them this much out of the deal.


Race and culture wise? Finally something we agree upon. You know…reminds me of a race that is basically the exact same race as another race (Where even the leader of that said race was born in the city of that other race) that became playable just recently hmm they did use the same skeleton and even used the same eyes but gave them a different idle stance, i guess it makes sense, but them doing the same for the High Elves? According to you, impossible because ThEy ArE tHe SaMe RaCe.

The dignity of staying true to their noble heritage and not stray from it and worse of all ally with mongrels.

We’re talking of about the generation that made the split happen, newer generations are irrelevant at the moment.

Sylvanas was one too, but it’s okay she is Horde.
But damn Ervenie you gave me an idea! Maybe also add the option of darker skin tones to also show the fact that high elves have been breeding with Humans and give the possibility of RPing a half elf. Damn you’re creative!

Citation needed for the “minority”. People that are actively asking for them on forums, are, that’ because forum users are a minority overall!

People playing the high elves? Doubt it’ll be a minority. Many people that don’t care about lore and don’t even know what a Kaldorei or Quel’dorei is will simply pick a race they find aesthetically appealing. Like the Void Elves, people don’t know what or who they are but everyone is race changing to be one.

Same will happen to High Elves, they’ll make a good amount in race changes only, and if you can’t see that, you’re in denial. And if you honestly believe, the only ones that will play High Elves are the ones asking for them, then you reached a new level of delusion and denial.

(Daltor) #6347

It won’t stop it 100%. Only a fool would believe that.
As for High elves, it would add a race which has canonically been part of the alliance, similar to the DI Dwarfs.


to be fair considering the “high elves” are a dying race even once some have become blood elves.

I’m actually amazed at how many have manged to help in all the wars since “burning crusade” and how many silver covenant (remember those guys, they also appeared at the isle of thunder)

we are drowning in both blood elves and high elves. They must be breeding like rabbits

(Türiel) #6349

Well that must be a fun event.


Lol 3 more high elves added just this patch and more will come in the next patch, so much for a “dying race”. Someone actually had the dedication to take a picture of every Alliance High Elf in the game, they stopped at 200+ :laughing:

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I’m sure they are doing it on purpose to rub it in or some devs are just not willing out of spite. Wildhammers, High Elf, Broken is what was asked for. So far we received none and even didn’t allow us to make a skinny human to top it off, but Mag’har orcs got 7 skins? Or better yet yellow eyes are cosmetic with BE, they were the basis for lightforged draenei. Atleast the DI are in good favour. We have 3 to go I hope we get atleast some of which we requested.