Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race

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They’re not Pandaren, the crotch of the Pandaren is far too close to the ground with it’s stubby legs.

I know what you were saying, I was just confirming that rigs used for them.

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I definitely remember it like this as well.

Back in the day I could understand holding off the High Elves because the population issue wouldn’t be solved if Alliance got them, but now they’re just taking the piss with the Alliance.


It didn’t make sense back in the day, as much as it not making sense today. The day they released the Blood Elves is also the day they released the Draenei that crashed on Azeroth. The amount of players and the supposedly amount of Draenei on the Exodar sure didn’t add up, i’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

However, adding the Void Elves as a race sure pushed them into a corner they cannot get out of. So i’m wondering what argument they will use next.

The addition of Void Elves single handedly debunked both of the arguments he used:
Population: check
Sharing model: check
After the comments he made, we made our stance clear, that we want the Nightborne treatment for the High Elves too, they successfully altered the idle stance and gave them everything to standout, this can and will work for the High Elves.

I’m personally 100% positive that the High Elves will be playable sooner rather than later, because the faith i still have in Blizzard tells me that they don’t want to be painted as the hypocrites they currently are, and will actually listen and give the Alliance the race that actually helped establish the faction itself.

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Not to mention the lore gymnastics and retcons needed to actually make both those races playable.


Exactly, while i wrote that comment, i was actually thinking: We keep mentioning the Void Elves, but what about the Light Forged Draenei? The ritual is supposed to be SO harsh and difficult the majority fail, only a couple manage to finish it. Yet there are many players running as a Light Forged Draenei.

The hypocrisy.

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I wouldn’t call it hypocrisy as much as what I believe was slightly hasty writing. The stories don’t quite add up with realities and numbers. But then again, that’s true for other races as well.

I think it’s important to remember that the characters we play aren’t supposed to represent the majority of their respective races, but rather the more prominent heroes. So, if there are lots of void elf characters running around, it’s not as much an indicator of void elven population, as it’s an indicator of how many of the existing void elves that are heroes. (Though, with void elves, an “elite cadre” doesn’t come close to suggest as many void elves in total as there are heroes, so there’s certainly something off here.)

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I was talking about the Belves and normal Draenei. You know, back when the Eredar were the ones to seduce Sargaras, not the otherway round.


That’s what i said. It just doesn’t make sense. To me it is hypocrisy when you have a race like the Draenei and can still seriously make the population argument. Saying “no” could’ve at least savee him some face instead of losing all credibility.

Then they went on releasing the Ren’dorei and LF Draenei both a minority groups of not even 50 members and still went and called them a race.

They are very confused.

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This here is basically the problem. We’re not playing races, we’re playing factions of races.

I can’t find it, but I swear to God I read a blue stating that, strictly speaking, when you create a Human character you are creating a Stormwind Human, not an Alteraci or a Human from Duskwood. The same applies to the rest of “races”. A completely different topic is what you pretend to be and roleplay as - the limits are much wider in this sense.

Why in the world Blizzard decided to call them “races” instead of “factions” or “subfactions” - NO IDEA. It makes even less sense to have “allied” races, and yet they’re the same races we already have, only with a few changes in their appearance.

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Except this falls down on the Mag’har, as you can plan all the clans depending on your skin colour.

Night elves, you are a night elf, plain and simple.

Tauren, can be bloodhoof, grimtotem, ect. The grimtotem is why there exists a whole black furred option.

However I would agree, there are some races which are specifically tied to one faction of the race, others however are not.

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According to that blue I read, playable Night Elves were only Night Elves from Teldrassil, not from Hyjal, Darkshore, etc.

I really need some time to research and find that darn blue post!

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I’m sure this Blue is very popular amongst the RP community.

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Yeah, many of the subsequent replies weren’t really positive. I thought this was posted in the roleplay US forums, but no matter what terms I use in the search function I just can’t find it.

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as of Cata the Night Elves also consists of the Highborne Shen’dralar with the pink skin tone option

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#highelvesasalliedrace 2019!

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That is lore inconsistent.

As is that.

They -Are- the same people. The -Same- people!

If you want to have a model that is different because they were never even tangentially involved or affected by the Exile, then fine. Have fun with your Teenage Elf model.
They are not the same as the Kaldorei and Nightborne, who dwelled apart for ten thousand years. This has been barely over -ten- years.
No differences, no Extra options. If you want them, apart from the barest of cosmetic changes, then you do not want High Elves.

Because a High Elf, is a Blood Elf, with blue eyes.


Well, they’ve just created Kul Tirans and that is inconsistent.

Using High elves based on night elven model is fine by their standards, since it is still in the game and they were used even after Blood elves (Thalassian model) were added to the game.

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Yep, it sure is. Its an interesting one, as someone a while back in this thread did mention how it could make sense, if some Kul Tirans had bred with the Drust that were not hostile, that could explain the inhuman appearance of them.

Apart from that, Yep, calling Kul Tirans ‘Human’ is incorrect. Jaina is Kul Tiran. So is her mother. So is Flynn, They all look human. The Skinny ones are not biologically the same species as Humans in WoW, any more than a Dwarf is. It would be biologically impossible for them to contain the skeleton of a Human being. I’m not trying to be crass, but frankly they look like Concentration Camp victims. That’s not a healthy look, and there is no indication that Kul Tiras -starves- a vast amount of its population to look that way as state policy. Then on the other side of the scale, you have the beefier ones, who look like Andre the Giant. Know why they called him ‘Andre the Giant’? Because he was a Giant. Because he vastly exceeded the norms of his species in terms of size. Gigantism -isn’t- good for you either. It killed him in the end, and is a medical condition, not an evolutionary trait.

If one of the Beefy Kul Tirans had a skeleton of a normal human being, like say, Jaina, who -is- Kul Tiran, then they would not be able to walk.

So basically, the Skinny Kul Tirans are not Human, but some weird offshoot species with uber thin bones, and the Beefy Kul Tirans are not Human, but some weird…Thing, with bones much more similar to the skeletal structure of an Orc, possibly, as mentioned the result of Human/Drust inbreeding.

Either way, a biologist looking at the skeletons of the two types of Kul Tiran, and the Human skeleton, would class them as different Species…

We -Know- what High Elves look like. They are -already- in the game. Seriously, We know what they look like. Go to old Dalaran and look at the Silver Covenant, that is what High Elves look like.

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True! (10 character limit)


I don’t think you really understood what i said.

If you go and see Nozdormu’s humanoid model in game, he looks like a blood elf but has a different stance. That is the difference i mean. I don’t want them to just be Blood elves with blue eyes. I want them to have different animations to make them unique.