Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race

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Do you have any source? Otherwise your argument is entirely headcanon.


I am pretty sure that he meant all of this theoretically not literally.

Edit: Apart from that Kul Tirans have some Drust blood in them, though it should not be enough for them to look so different anyway then all of KTs would have to look differently (so only bulky model available even for NPCs)

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Yeah, sure, but to say that Kul Tirans are not Humans, but in fact a whole different species only because they have a different model in game than “regular” humans is going a bit too far in my opinion. I don’t think that’s a tenable argument, whether theoretically or literally.


You are dead wrong. Where did you read in my comment that they were not the same people? I even said they NEED to maintain the features to SHOW they were ONE in the past. By any means, you need to read again

Second of all, the changes we are asking for are idle stance change, skin colors, hair styles, colors, warpaint which are all justifiable.

My question is, what are you even about?


I think that the skinny model is plausible, nothing wrong with it, little bit too skinny, yet still looks like human (with nearly no fat) with different body type (just like IRL, when you can see extremely skinny humans, that does not have any major health issues)

The bulky one on the other hand is way off, mostly the height is not compatible with the rest of the human models (I count even old peasant or councillor models, which were different, yet believable). If this model was for a Drust AR it would give sense, but because there is KT AR, it doesn’t give any.

So why Blizz did this?

For gameplay purposes, they thought that they would look cool if they got different model even though they are literally the same race, only some smaller differencies could occur. Well, but this model type is the least used for KT NPCs and still Blizz did not find it strange to give KT AR only the bulky one :confused:

Not to be rude, but in game you can see another model for High elves, go and see them for yourself, which can be used and which was used even for Silvermoon City Guardians and that model is believable. From biological point, from lore and game perspectives as well. It is in the game after all. Only strange thing would be that only High elves would get this model, but yet again KTs don’t have access to the normal human model, so after addition of KTs to the game, this idea is 100% plausible…


So? We also knew what the Highborne / Nightborne looked like, 100% like your regular Night Elf, it didn’t stop Blizzard from giving them a unique model.

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Your question is your answer.

Why would they stand differently? Why would this be a culturewide shift in ten years. Seriously? If I voted Conservative tomorrow, does that mean my posture changes? NO. So that is a risible idea.

Skin Colours. -What-? For real? Skin colours? Lets go with, Ahh No.

Hair Styles? You might have something there, in the ten or so years they may have changed hairstyles…Still wouldn’t be able to grow beards though, that’s apparently Void Magic does that. I’d be -really- suspicious of Genn right now…

Right, you already mentioned skin colour, so I imagine you mean clothing colour? Well…that’s a choice of what you choose to wear that day…

Warpaint? It is not a thing that belongs to Alliance High Elves and makes zero lore sense to do so. I mean if you really want to go down this route, I can detail the three Elves who have Warpaint/Tattoos, and where they are. Not -One- of them are High Elves.

Lore consistency, instead of petulant fanservice.

Give the Alliance High Elves, They look like the Blood Elf Model, with Blue Eyes. No Changes. That’s it. If you want anything different you do not want High Elves. Simple as.


I am sorry but are you being serious? Not 2 people in the entire world stand the same way let alone an entire nation? You do realize this is a game and they can’t create a unique idle stance for every NPC and player to show that so they stick to using the playable model? An idle stance has NOTHING, 0, to do with lore consistancy.

Yes skin colors! And i would personally also rather to have darker skin tones to show that they breed with humans. A half elf RP option. Like the mag orcs can be different clans, the high elves should get the option to be a half elf instead of a 100% high elf.


Alleria had warpaint before becoming a void elf. It’s an OPTION. What does that have anything to do with the lore?


This was your response from before for the old HE models, that could be used for playable Alliance race/Ar, in which you wrote that it could be a way how to add them (from lore prespective), only problem, that you had with this idea, was that it might be unpopular…


Brigante has a point here, warpaints should be available for both Blood elves and High elves. it is not HE-only feature.


No he doesn’t lol. The warpaint Alleria has could very well be a High Elf customization option. If we’re going to use that argument, let all races have each others customization and we will be over with that.

Also might want to link me a Sin’dorei that uses Alleria’s paint and color?

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So your argument is that members of the same species, should somehow stand differently due to political affiliation, and doe so in a uniform way depends upon that political affiliation, as opposed, to just standing how their species normally does?

I mean surely your argument otherwise is that everyone should get a choice how they stand, right?

OK, I assumed you meant High Elves, not Half Elves, given that was the topic, but sure, yeah, some changes to reflect the cross-species breeding makes perfect sense, they could do that easy enough.

That was kind of my response when I saw Void Elf facial hair as well “So the Void is Testosterone now? Are you kidding me! For Real!” Probably one of the reasons I haven’t unlocked them and find them really hard to take seriously.

BOOM! There we go.

Yes she did, when did she have that? Before the Exile. Alleria had that, at the same time as those WC2 Rangers had facepaint, and before Sylvanas died, and Yeah…Basically…That’s not a High Elf thing… It might be a Farstrider thing (Seems likely) or just an Alleria thing (Seems unlikely, given that Rommath has tats) But it is emphatically -NOT- a High Elf thing. Stating that for about the tenth time here.

There is no High Elf character with warpaints or tattoos, there are two Pre-Exile characters, with Warpaints and tattoos, and the units from the WC Games who had tattoos/Warpaint? Yeah, 90% of them are Blood Elves. Do you see Blood Elves getting that option? No, then nor should High Elves.

So…OK? Give the High Elves the old Night Elf model, I mean, if people are cool with that, then OK…I don’t think they’ll be cool with that, but if they are, then…cool , I guess?


Ofc both groups can have slightly different patterns, colours or styles. But both should be able to have them.


No. And no. Since you like bringing lore up and real life comparisons you do realize that 2 people of the same specie, hell even brothers and sisters don’t stand in the exact same way. If we look at Blood Elves they also -theoretically- stand differently and not like Victoria Secret’s models doing the exact same poses etc, its just for the purposes of the GAME.

The High Elf not having the BEs idle stance is just for the purpose of recognition and NOTHING with lore or faction or belief or whatever. Like when you are in the open world and see one, it’s like, Oh that’s a high elf and that’s a blood elf.

This has nothing to do with the factions, nor the lore, it’s just the logical way to implement them.

Unless you truly believe every High Elf / Blood Elf does the same pose with their back bent backwards and butt clenched, idk what to tell you.

Again, it’s an option for the purpose of recognition. Not going to say that again and again.


You literally agreed with me 9 days back, so I don’t know why you argued with me over this idea this time.

Anyway we want HE because they are part of Alliance story, if they have the old model, which would be upgraded to match today’s graphics, I would not care.

I might be a minority though, but from responses here in the forums it seems that it could make both sides more or less happy.

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Are you seriously trying to tell me, That High Elves who call themselves High Elves, should look physically different, from HIgh Elves who call themselves Blood Elves, after about ten years of separation?

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And No, I don’t think people would be happy with the old Kaldorei model for High Elves…


Are you seriously not getting it yet? who talked about their physical form? Omg im getting a headache

we are talking about THE IDLE STANCE, IDLE STANCE…the way your character STANDS(STANDS as in STANDING and not growing an extra limb). Lore characters even prove my point, they don’t stand the way our playable model does (look thrall, look varian etc etc) because in real life you will never find 2 people that STAND and POSE the same way.

Having a different way of standing has NOTHING to do with specie or lore or faction or whatever you are dreaming about. Asking Blizzard to create an idle stance for every NPC and player to reflect how these populations would really looj like is unreasonable but asking them to give the High Elves a different stance while they stand still (like the Nightborne) just for the game and recognition purposes will not hurt or contradict the story whatsoever. I dont even know what you are arguing about at this point.


That is pure speculation. You would not like it, but you can’t apply this to everyone, who wants playable High elves.

Question is if it is too risky from Blizz side to solve the situation like this.

But I stand by my opinion that it would solve the situation in a way, that can make most of those, who care, satisfied with the outcome and that it won’t create as much issues.


I believe somewhere, citation somewhat needed but im certain ive heard this said somewhere that blizzard has stated in the future that void elves would be getting some kind of lighter more palid skin tones in order to give people a “high elf” customisation choice for void elves, which I think frankly given the circumstances of this entire situation is the only realistic path forward.

In terms of the racial debate and its nigh endless conflict of interest, its obvious that blood elf fans will complain if alliance gets high elves and high elf fans would complain if alliance gets anything less than some form of high elf option.

The only realistic copramise “is” to allow void elves to have a high elf skin tone or three, in order to give them the ability to finally play them, plus a few lighter hair colours.

This is the only compramise I see blizzard ever doing, and the only one that could ever work in this day and age when the story has made so many movements forward.

In addition there are signs this makes too much sense, many high elves are currently interacting with the void elves and its only a matter of when, not if, they are potentially exiled from Silvermoon permanently, that they will need a new source of magic to feed on, with the Void Elves being bolstered in number significantly by new High Elf ranks.

This to me is why the High Elves destiny is to become Void Elves like those who were exiled and to change forever which will inevitably conclude the High Elf >< Blood Elf argument forever.