Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race

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listen, this is the long and short of it;

if you make them anything other than what they are; they are not High Elves

High Elf is the name of the sub-species of Elves ‘Thalassian Elves’ of which the Sin’dorei, formerly known as Quel’dorei, are the majority part of.
this includes the Ren’dorei who are High Elves, formerly known as Blood Elves, that are imbued with the Void - becoming known as Void Elves,

and the splinter group of conservative High Elves that did not change their name

they’re all High Elves

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That would be why I argue against the lore unfriendly ideas that crop up, Einstein.

Think you will find I have been quite transparent about what I think High Elves should look like, and indeed I expressed my doubts that High Elf Fans would want the Night Elven model, but if people did, fair enough.
My Goalposts have never shifted, at all.

Didn’t you just promise to do this?



Just because a certain person i find very obnoxious replied to my comment acting witty, i decided to stay :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Then why not add something useful to the conversation. What do you think a High Elf Heritage set would look like?


I always do, the question is, do you like it or not?

Silvercovenant would be the most logical armor look to go for. Even though i feel it lacks that “magical” feel to it. I think they can take it and build on it adding extras, like maybe give a robe option for casters or have some arcane elements added to it like that of the Void elves with their shiny legs.

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I agree. I think the Silver Cov would be the logical ‘Go to’ even though I know they are just one -group- of High Elves, they are probably, in fact almost certainly, the most iconic. They actually did something similar with the Belf Heritage set, it comes with a robe or a trousers option, I just happened not to like either, so used the shoulders, gauntlets and cloak, and the rest is the Legion Hunter PvP stuff, which by happy coincidence, really matches.

I think that is definitely the way forward with Heritage sets though, making a caster/melee option,

I think Silver Covenant would look pretty good, but as I say, instead of the Blood Elf angle to the Pauldrons, with it being an eagle head instead, the reason I reckon that is more to do with the fact that the whole ‘Phoenix rising again’ thing is much more a Blood Elf Motif, whereas the Silver Cov look would be ‘Old Skool’ Thalassian chic, as it were.

Aside from that, the armours are going to look pretty similar, Its a shame there isn’t a proper blue set that really works, for those trying to RP as High Elves using the Void Elf Model, although the ‘Rift Stalker’ set (I think it is) actually works pretty well… Well, apart from the helmet and shoulders…

There was a guild on AD “The Silver Sun” who played High Elves, but on Horde side, and I think they used that armour set, which looked pretty good, but then, that comes with the attendant problem of it only being wearable by certain classes…


I was also thinking about the 7th Legion battle mages look the High Elves wear but that’s an Alliance thing and not a High Elven thing. So it’s really either Silv. Cov. Or something completely new(as in not used in game currently) that shows their heritage with all this and that. Im fine either way as long as they not overdo it and give them wings and whatever like the Void Elves.

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Yeah, I think they would need to underplay the wings aspect, and whilst I like the 7th Legion idea, I -suspect- (I don’t know why) that Humans will be getting another set eventually, that will be very 7th Legion based, I think playing along the traditional Thalassian imagery, whilst not going OTT with it, and obviously using thematic Alliance colours, would be the way to go. I’m just trying to think of a particular motif or symbology that is purely High Elven, that could really give it a bit of kick as a heritage set, whilst not being a direct retread of the Belf stuff

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I shall give it some thought, as whilst I wouldn’t play one myself, the idea of a High Elven unit of Fliers on Argent Dawn who could be our rivals fills me with unbridled joy :smiley: But for now, scootling to my dreadful little Dark Iron, Adios!


I agree. It’s pretty difficult because they share the same heritage. It would be easier if the High Elves “gave up” their past but the High Elves and even the Void Elf Alleria say “Silvermoon will stand for the Alliance” and “The blood elves will have their redemption and join the Alliance” that indicates that the conservative High Elves of the Alliance still cling to their heritage and so do the Blood Elves. So it’s a sticky situation.

I guess a way to work around it is, obviously have a thalassian inspired set, you know with crystals and what ever extras the art team comes up with to set them apart from the Blood Elf one. Then give it the obvious blue color to show for which faction they stand. Maybe add a Lion’s head here and there to cement the fact they stand with the Alliance.

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Elven lunatics. Doesn’t matter anways. Blood Elves just celebrated their 12th birthday as part of the Horde and there is nothing you can do about it :wink:

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What there’d be interesting to see happen when you play within Dalaran as the High elves is that the forsaken deploy the plague and wounds a lot of the city’s population and they kick the horde completly out of Dalaran and they become a New Alliance Race.


I really like your ideas how to create HE heritage armour :slight_smile:

I always thought that the armours, that e.g. HE NPCs use in Kirin Tor offensive, might be fitting, although they lack central theme and some are used for other members of Kirin Tor as well.

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We already got 4 flavors of elf to play, we really don’t need any more . It would be nice to see them doing something in game to see they still exist sure. But do we really need a 3rd reskin of blood elves? I’d rather see some more unique races in the future or atleast a remodel of another race that has so many playable ones yet. undead like nathaniel blightcaller, or ogres.

Less world of elfcraft pls.


I think that there is no need to give High elves other reasons why to officially become part of the Alliance (well fo those who aren’t members of it yet).


I’d love if Ogres became playable :slight_smile:

The problem is that most players don’t want to play as “ugly” race, but I still think it could happen and hopefully soon.

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There is nothing we want to do it about either. :wink: Please stay on topic, we’re talking about the Alliance-aligned High Elves, not Blood Elves.

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Not the most, just a very vocal group.

If you look around in the game you will see alot of people playing stuff like taurens, undeads, worgen, gnomes and orcs.

there are plenty of people who would love something more rugged like vrykul or ogres. I personally will love how the kulthiran males look more rugged as well. Most human male options look like they are out of some kind of anime with those hairstyles. If you want something other than that you are often forced to go bald or old man-ish

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So, you have Humans, Fat Humans, Dead Humans and Furry Humans. Now you want another type of Dead Human?
World of Humancraft much?


I’ve just used the fact that the most played race on the Horde side are Blood elves.

I’d deffinitely love to see Ogres or Mok’nathal as playable race for the Horde and I’d trade Kul Tirans for Vrykuls without a single thought of remorse.