Question for a Community Manager

So I just read this :

And I have a question. Are you going to do something concerning the fact that Blizzard has locked the only french PvE server ?

I mean, be serious for a moment. You decided to give us just one PvE server… that’s ok i don’t care. But don’t lock it. That’s just idiotic.

Can you ask if anyone has an answer to my question please?

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This has been covered before and Blizzard never answered it then so they won’t now.

The community managers don’t have answers to questions like that and the people who make those decisions don’t even come to the forums.

Personally I think they assume that everyone who wants to make a PvE character already has one on there. All you can do is make a suggestion ingame.

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I know but it doesn’t hurt to remind them the mistakes they do.

Nvm, it’s just a french server…

They don’t care, not one little bit or they would have made a new one when this thread appeared the first time.

french pve server is full sorry you can try one of the English ones

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