R1 solo Q title added

Crimson Soloist: Dragonflight Season 1

End Dragonflight PvP Season 1 in the top 0.1% of the Solo Shuffle ladder (requires 50 games won on your current faction in Dragonflight Season 1).


Title Reward: Crimson Soloist

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Oh look at that, it doesn’t say anything about “of the spec” like Shockojambo claimed.

Interesting that it seems like it hints at keeping the faction cutoffs though, or else there’d be no point to mention that “current faction” stuff in it.

I guess that explains why he couldn’t say where the blue post was where he said he had read it.

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It’s awful. You don’t get the mount and the r1 players in the bracket get this cringe title.

Sucks about the mount, but I guess it’s Blizzard’s way of pushing people into still playing the premade queue as well. And it does reduce the risk of people wintrading at the top of the ladder in the solo queue, since it kinda makes it meaningless to do so when people probably won’t want that r1 soloist title as much.

Although people spamming about solo queue for years did mention occasionally that they’d be fine even if there’d be no rewards at all, as long as they’d have rating in a solo queue. I guess it’ll be put to the test now, if they were being honest about that.

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Finally, you actually produced a source.

would’ve been so much easier if you had linked that.

Was that really so hard?

It’s just funny how you kinda forgot to mention that each spec will have its own rating, so you can’t play it up as one spec to then start queuing as another on that rating. You’ll have to play each spec you want rating on, from scratch each time (meaning it tracks a different rating for each spec, not that it resets each time you swap spec). Gotta love that one.

I told you to go look for the blue post yourself,im not your mom to spoonfeed you


That isn’t how things work. Or do you seriously expect people to look through all of that text inbetween weeks of blue posts, or randomly get lucky by phrasing the search terms to fit into what they had written, to find that single paragraph? (Based on what you had called it on top of that)

Also, I already told you in that thread @Shockojambo that I had already tried to search for it when you said to search for it. But google was coming up empty. So I asked you to at least provide hints. But you just stayed quiet.

Yeah, and I told you to provide better clues or better yet a source. Because the one clue you did provide, was useless.

So much for your “I told you”. Yeah right.

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Is this just another fck up or what? Ignoring the fact thta the title is just horrible, seriously horrible, why there is no mention about class/spec as promised? Also I expect to get some rating rewards or mounts as well, because if they keep normal 3s as the only important pvp bracket and solo q will be just trash, there will be huge riots. Many ppl are buying DF for solo q and if this is their answer, the expansion is DoA again.
They said that % based rewards like in the old days are not good enough anymore, so they have made 2400 glad. Why would they go back to this outdated and annoying system is beyond me. I rly hope this is just small part of the rewards and more is coming. Nobody is going to play 3. Literally nobody and SL showed it pretty well. Their LFG system is just pure garbage. I spend more time afking in lfg than actual playing. Im glad I havent bought Dragonscheize yet.

This cant be the final reward for solo shuffle. Literally all pvpers buy DF for this. There is no indication that DF pvp will be anywhere close to reasonable, so if they ditch all rewards for solo shuffle, its dead season again. Nobody will play 3s, because of the garbage lfg system. If SL didnt show enough that ppl are sick of this outdated and disfunctional system, I dont know what will.
Personally, if there wont be more rewards than this garbage title for pushers or abusers in the last week of a ssn, I wont even buy the game. I just refuse to sit hours in lfg, afking a city hub. I had glads in the old % based system, but the current version feels way better. Whats the point of not playing the entire season just to make a chaotic scene at the end of the ssn for % titles…I dont know, why would they go back to that crap again. On the other hand, the old blizzard didnt seem to share experience with the new one, especially with the rainbow one, so we will go through all the mistakes again, I guess. CBA if you ask me.

Do they ? I am personally very fine if the reward for this clown bracket is not amazing because I do not believe that this sort of game mode has anything to do in wow “competitive” pvp. I certainly do not buy DF to play solo q in a comp based game as this is the most stupid design for a bracket that I can think of, and it only saw the light of day because people cried “solo q solo q I am stuck in LFG because teammates bad”, not realizing the problem is also them.

It is a clown bracket, even the tournament (which was questionable by the way) showed how ridiculous it is. Play the fotm spec that goes with every other spec, boom, you instantly win. On ladder with teammates you can prepare with you can play many comps and prepare to beat the meta ones, you can have strategy and produce intelligent and precise play. You cannot do that in 1min with strangers and changing teams so it is just a clownesque fiesta. Do you maybe think it is a surprise that the 4 winning DPS were 3x Outlaw 1x Fury, that casters got annihilated, that some specs weren’t even INVITED ? People who play solo q do not understand the arena part of the game. But hey, to each their preferred way to play.

It is actually a pretty good system with shorter seasons, 3 months or so. Of course it feels bad when the season is too long.


Not really. Solo shuffle rated was not even a consideration I took before I pre-ordered dragonflight. I don’t like solo shuffle at all


I guess you are one of the lucky ones, who have regular ppl to play with, but the vast majority of player base doesnt have ppl to play with. I personally come back every season, add 10 -20 btags (filtered out of 150 garbage rerollers or boosted players claiming to be good) in hope I will be able to play with ppl and finally push something, but in a week or two, these ppl stop being online and most of the time we never get back together, because getting 3 ppl together in a dead game is super hard unless you are all no lifers. I spent majority of my time afking oribos achieving literally nothing unless I want to play some 1600 rated ape cleave for no purpose outside of lowering my own cr. This is not fun and thats the reason everybody gave up on pvp. The solo que was supposed to be the light on the end of the tunnel and if they treat it like this, Im 100% sure DF pvp will die after the initial fake hype.

Im not sure what you mean. How is no system a good system? They havent provided even the promised parts. Ppl are on full hopium for even more things, because its logical and reasonable, but so far pvp is pure garbage in DF and there is nothing indicating it should get any better than low effort SL treatment.
Im glad you have ppl to play with, but you are like 1% and everybody else needs a system update, a functional system update. The old system you love so much has reached its rock bottom. If you dont see the huge flaws and what is happening in SL, I dont know what more to tell you.


I meant the % titles. I think it is a good way of rewarding people on short seasons, because then the ladder push is the entire season and there is not time to go so high that some people are impossible to catch-up to.

To me the biggest flaw in design regarding SL seasons (aside from gearing, damage spikes due to modifier stacking, etc which are other issues) is that there were way, way too long. 10 to 12 weeks long seasons with a gearing system that allows people to be fully geared at most 4 weeks in and has a catch-up system allowing people to instantly (or close to instantly) get to the gear of people who have been playing since day 1, would be very nice. I think it would make the game not be, or feel, so dead, and would make it easier to find people who are committed to the current season.

I woent buy DF for solo hassle lol.

I might, if they add 2v2 solo

I just buy it cuz i play wow for to long, and like to waste money on the newest expac, play 3months than think i quit etc.

And he sais we all buy it for solo shuff:))

It has super powers this guy

You are talking about rewarding 0,1% of the players. You completely ignore 99+% of the pvp player base. 99+% of the players dont give a F about r1 titles, because its out of their reach for various reasons. You are so selfish that you expect 99%+ of the player base to exist just so you can have fun and them not minding they have no fun, no rewards, no goals? And also pay for it? You cant be serious with this opinion. Why do you think this system would make ppl to play more is beyond my understanding.


I feel these are the rewards rated rng shuffle deserves. No more, no less.

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This is R1. I would like to see Gladiator be % based once again, but in short seasons allowing people to play through them without having to do it for 9 month straight with no balance pass. That way % based titles make more sense because they indeed rewards the people who win.

I could just answer “Hahaha” to all of this because it did make me laugh a little, but I’ll try to answer it in a more educated, yet very simple way.

In any ranked system that exists, in games and out of games, the people who rank highest get the rewards, and the remaining people on the ranking systems are only here yo make the system exist. That is the nature of a ranking system. I can offer many examples.

Like most people you were a kid once. You have been in groups for activities or class. It has to have happened to you, or around you, that a situation such as “okay I have three candies left, the first 3 to find the answer to the riddle get them”. Out of a group of, say, 20 kids. So there will be a first, a second, and a third. They get the candies. The remaining 17 get nothing. They only are here to actually make the three first ones the “winners” because if there was 20 candies then there is no point in trying to find the solution to the riddle before the others, no point in trying to be creative, to think outside the box. You’d know you get it anyway, or even the person holding the candies knows that every kid gets one anyway so might as well just hand them over at some point regardless of whether every kid came up with the solution.

In the same way, if you have ever practised any sports seriously, competitively in your teenage years or as an adult then you know that in the end you win or you don’t, and your goal is to do it so you practise for it. The 4th guy isn’t getting a medal. The 57th guy isn’t getting a medal. They are only here so that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd can be 1st 2nd and erd of a bigger pool qnd get their medals. The others lost. They don’t get medals. Why should they, they did worse than the other three ! They get a chance to try to do better next competition.

Even in many workplaces where there is an implicit ranking system with the hierarchy in a company, the one person who gets the job done (or knows people which would be boosting in wow) gets the promotion. The others get nothing until there is another opening.

The one thing that you have to understand though, is that not everyone guns for 1st. Of course that is the ultimate goal of every ranking but some people know how to be realistic. You should know how much you can push your skills and where and what your limits are. And that is why one kid will be very proud to have found the solution 5th because usually people do better than him at this sort of game, so he’ll feel smarter, he’ll tell his parents in the evening, he’ll brag to his siblings, give them the riddle, and whatever else despite not having a candy. That is why someone who loves to run 100m but is a semi casual due to personal life, work, injuries, whatever, may be very happy to manage top 10 in a competition despite not being given any tangible reward. That is why in wow some people are happy to get “The Elite insert class” for 2.4, or happy to see the 2k achievement because in their world, with their current skills and limits, it is a successful achievement. And in all those stories there is no reason why the 5th kid should get a candy despite him doing good because the candies are for the 3 best, there is no reason to give the 10th runner a medal because despite him doing good for his condition and training time the medals are for those who did the 3 best times, and there is no reason to give the 2k rated player any prestigious, unique reward when some people have 3k rating the same day because said rewards are a mark of being 3k at that moment, or whatever else is the cutoff at this time. All these people are rewarded by the feeling of accomplishing something good for themselves. They did not accomplish something good enough to be the reference for the ranking system they are in. And so, no reward that indicates that.

I thought it was logical, and easy to witness in everyday’s life how ranking systems are, what they represent and what is the point but perhaps the explanation was needed. And about this specific line :

This is how every ranking system has worked in living history (plants animals etc etc) up to today. Every sports competition. Every intellect competition. Every game competition. Most jobs. Even dating can be brought back to that if you want to have fun evaluating people (but it is a very complex thing to do, too many factors + personal tastes to account for). Literally everything environment there is competition in works like that, and has ever worked like that.

But yep. Such a system has hit rock bottom. Please remind everyone next olympics so that everyone gets their gold medal upon arriving to the tournament so that we don’t have an entire sports even only rewarding the 3 best people kn every sports/category when hundreds are competing, it is too small a % for the taste of wow players.

Oh and also people who are inside tge ranking system and don’t give a damn about R1, as you say, are then in it for entertainment, for fun. Why do they get a reward then ? Should people come offer you stuff for free whenever you’re playing, reading, relaxing, or having fun ? Is this life to you ? Anyways.

Now why do I think 10 to 12 weeks seasons would be better in that ranking system ? Because then you can start the season, play the season, get your reward if you deserve it, keep going or take a break and it isn’t too long an effort. Right now the seasons are so long that the people who are rewarded are the ones playing OP, FOTM stuff and giving it an insane amount of time, purely and simply rather than the ones being good, because people have enough time to make up for their lack of skill by spamming queues mindlessly (as opposed to playing with a brain turned on, improving and it paying off over a couple months).


Why do you need rewards in first place? Why dont you play for fun? For example in csgo there are no rewards (except some rng drops) yet people play it cos its fun. Same with lol (where i guess most rewards are tied to playing not pushing except some borders or few skins at the end of season which most people dont get anyway which is same as here). I thought everyone wants to play soloq to play the game not to earn rewards theyre unable to claim in 3s. Imo most people are absolutely delusional and think lfg holds them back but in reality if youre so good at the game you would make friends to play with. Maybe i’m the clueless one cos i’ve always been lucky and made friends who are actually insane. On the other hand i’ve met them before they reached their high exp and we grinded together. So the question is am I lucky? (Which obviously I’m) or Is there issue somewhere else (which could be at the same time)


I never said its wrong to have 0,1% reward. Im saying that I want to have other rewards than just r1 title. There should be r1 rewards and lower rewards as well (glad, duelist,etc), preferably for reaching certain treshold. The reward system now is better than it used to be back in the days I was farming glads. We got our 2700+s, then we didnt play, just waiting for what will happen at the end of the season in hopes our setup would work, our team mates would still play and so on. So basically afk the entire season and then push to 2,8k, to ensure the glad with the inflation. I just dont want the system to go 2 steps backwards.
And you are comparing a paid entertainment service, rpg about character progression, rewards, loot and item/achievement collection to a real job or top tier sportsmen, who get godly pays? Dude, we pay for an entertainment. We dont pay for your entertainment. Thats why there should be rewards or goals for various players, not just the 0,1% nobody cares about.

The days when ppl played wow for fun are long gone and its only blizzards fault. And there is also a difference between having fun as a teenager vs man in 30s, having kids, family and job. You just have to decide, whats worth your time you have very little of. If the game was good, Im sure it wouldnt be beyond dead. Try to cosplay an average pvp player. Come home at 5, spend 2 hours afking oribos (lfg), play 3 games, disband, join another que for 2+ hours, go sleep. Then tell me how much fun you had.

It is so funny you say this. “its only blizzards fault” - Blizzard does indeed have an impact on how casual friendly the game is (with gear etc etc) but the majority is the community itself. You can see it in wrath classic where people demand bis gear just to run normal easy dungeons. It is not the same community there was a long time ago and you can’t blame blizzard for that.

We as players make the community and in order to have fun you need to show others you are willing to have fun and enjoy the things that makes the game fun. Too many people can just insta leave and search for others if things don’t go well. But you are telling me you stick with people who really are trying and try to have fun with you?