Ragnaros down?

I was in a dungeon and suddenly the game was frozen , then dc and black screen and 0 of my toons visible.

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i can’t login so most likely it is down


Same can’t login in now :frowning: says its Full in server list

Same, died and couldnt ress when got to corpse. Tryed reloging, my characters ware gone, screen was black and cant connect to game anymore.

Yeah. Same issue here:

  • Black screen in character list
  • Characters load up after a while
  • When I try to get into the game, I get “Character not found” after a while in the loading screen.
  • Get back to the black screen.

Fun times <3

go here guys Ragnaros EU character list down? and report ty <3

Same here. Ragnaros cant see my characters. 1 hour down already. Please fix it.

Yeah i can connect if i wait long enough in the black screen. but load times are still terrible right now.

If you wait long enough, you get your characters show. But load is endless and I just get “Character not found” message at the end. I suppose the realm is down?

Yeah same here. Same problem.

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