Raid and look good with us in SL!

All Desire, the well known best looking guild EU is recruiting. Corruptions? Shadowlands? Whatever. We’re very superficial people and only want the best looking ones to join us.

As a guild we know the strain balancing your modeling career and many movies places on you, which is why we have events nearly every single day on the calendar, so you can show off that chiselled body of yours any day you want.

No cutting edge in sight for us, we do get some Mythic bosses down each patch, but it’s the looks and fun we aim for.

Join us and leave those influencer wannabes in the dust you icon.

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SL looming in the horizon, we’re as ever committed to having a lot of fun and hopefully get into the second half of Mythic raids regularly.

This guild cured my ugliness. After joining i feel like a new, more beautiful person.

10/10 would reccomend

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Lots going on in this great guild, great atmosphere, great players. Come along and join us


Shuffling our too good looking to be true raids going into SL, we’re looking to raid Mon/Thu starting next tier.

Finish your sit ups and join us you absolute head turner

We’re looking awesome so far into SL. Our numbers have grown steadily with a good number of people transferring into COA and we’re likely going to field TWO full raid teams during HC progress. As ever, we’ll look to have triple the fun and look outrageously good, we’ll leave server 1st to our friends at Wu Chec Clan.

But the looks… No contest, we’ll get them awards again.

Join us you piece of meat!

Over 800 chars in guild, we’re stronger than ever, but let’s be honest, Who cares about that? The thing is we’re looking postively stunning!!! We do have room for YOU .

Got any questions? Tell your agent to call us. He has our number.

Looking good for SL (I mean we ARE the best looking guild EU), can’t wait to see what guild comes up in terms of wonky competitions as we do progress raids.

Have had quite a few rerolls in the past weeks, so it’s a great time to join us and get to know the team.

Jump in stunner!

How SUPER convenient this SL delay, Right?

That’s right, you’ve all been collectively blessed with an expansion delay. Impeccable timing, as you need this little extra time to look great and join the best looking guild EU, us.

We’ve been lucky to have a few more people transfer in to our server. We can’t WAIT to kick those ugly fiends at Castle whatever in 9.0!

Life’s good at All Desire. We’ve kept growing in numbers even as we await SL release date. Prepatch dull? We had 28 people in our raid only a couple of days ago … Not sure any other guilds can say that.

Jump in stunner!

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Wohooo! SL releases in three weeks!! We can’t wait. Happy to have a couple more stunners join us, prefer rdps if you’re thinking about raiding with us!

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