Raid dps pick

I would like to jump into raiding.
I also decided to pick a dps class but i am thorn now between 2 of them - lock and hunter.

From lock i like destro and demo, i will most likely never want to touch affli

Hunter goes for bm and mm, not likely pick a survival ever.

Could you please kinda try to recommend me, which is easier or safer to invest time in? I want to stick with the class and master it for longer, i dont like fotm and rerolling.

Both are decent long term choices.

Lock is probably a bit more “useful” with its summoning ability, CR and healthstones so you’ll get into groups a bit easier with that.

Im gonna hit you with the classic answer…

Play whichever you prefer, what do you enjoy more?

Personally I love Shamans and Warlocks but the next guy to comment may love Hunters and Warriors…

Try both and pick the one that fits you better.

Aite thats my good advice now here is my hot take… Pick Warlock, everyone in raid loves their group utility and hunters are a dime a dozen.

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