Raider io is a total joke


I have been signing for +15s, and get insta declined. I have not chance of joining even though i wanna push keys…

Funniest of all, i am outlaw rogue and push easy 10k+ dps and i even have 412 ilvl equipped…

I have done all m+0 plenty of times, i know tactics why not inv? delete this stupid addon and ban the website…


Lol, is this a joke? It’s an alright joke I guess.


412 ilvl and 10k dps rogue. Delete the game


Should be 25k+ ST at that ilvl surely?


He should yea. because my warrior with like… i dunno… lower than 360 does like 10-12k dps if rng favours me.

you can’t really take the OP post seriously…


As Fury offspecc with crappy azerite i already do 20k + dps. So i can’t blame em for declining you.

Nice attempt. 6/10


so true. everything above 10k dps is a waste… that is true and confirmed.

Well something is a total joke here…and it’s not raider io. :smiley:

Troll level 9000

I think someone missclicked on the heart right under his post.

Lmao @ the people who think this is a serious post.


I cant totally agree with this post but i do agree that the website is a total joke.
You will wonder why is that?

My answer to that is something that happens in this game and i find it very sad.

I remember that some people asking for curve/cuting edge from previous expansion in order to be invited for current raid.

I see people that have the wish to be boosted for weekly and rio plus gear asking for curve and checking rio when they have nothing to do with thact or know what to do.

So yeas with or without rio you will never see the full potential of that player because it can be easly boosted and helped . You can see the real deal with players that have lots of runs not the casuals.

Weak versus jokers versus elites.

What annoys me is that you have to grind up a stupid score in order to be accepted same psichology of having curve in order to be accepted. When there are plenty out there that dont need 999 runs or 2k rio or curve to achieve a kill or run.

But people will never understand tht and there will always be those that even if you explain them they will never learn or listen to you thinking they are beteer or know it all.

I have 1,1k rio, but I am playing only with friends, so I don’t care about rio score.

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Please do not troll on the subject, it doesn’t help anyone and yes there are people who will take these posts seriously.


Wait, so the OP isn’t poking fun at the Geared-but-no-Damage Players with zero concept of the increased key level difficulty?

I do think Raider IO is stupid, mind you. No outside party should have that much affect on what content I can and cannot play that isn’t Blizzard, if you understand me. Make an official system made by Blizzard and things would be grand (don’t just make Raider IO official).

Also hate the fact that your score doesn’t increase when doing difficult keys within your skill range in the dungeons you love because you don’t do them in dungeons you hate or have no reason to go into. Please tell me someone people at least agree with that, right?

Your score does go up when you do a higher key of the dungeon you love thought. I do agree that the bonus on doing the same key but faster (more stars) should be bigger and closer to the +1 level of the dungeon.

The biggest problem is that you can not push your favorite dungeon since apparently you need experience and a score in 9 other dungeons. The total score is just a ducking stupid thing.

I play combat in dungs at 402 ilvl, ST 20k - AoE on teeming/reaping waves up to 70k sustained…

Also, if this is serious start with +2s, work through up to +7s, then go slowly to +10s and then you should be sorted. Do your own keys, play with friends etc.

Well, the metadata used by io is gathered by Blizzard, it just isn’t used… hence why someone was able to so easily set up a comprehensive system made towards taking your time through keys and not going into content you’re not ready for. People just need to do the dungs that people will take them for. Yes, there are jerks in the game who won’t take anyone who hasn’t done a +13 for a +10… but for the most part, people will take you for a +12, when you’ve done a +11/12. Use your own keys play with friends/guildies etc and you’ll be fine.

The algorithm for the score is still decided by Raider IO. They choose how to use the data, which is unfair because they have nothing to do with me playing the game. And these are the same people who say someone’s score is “low” because they only ever do one dungeon, which makes it hard for them to get into those keys - worse than those “+13 for a +10” jerks, which do also exist!

Aye, I get by with my mediocre score, own keys and guildies, but I still think the concept of an outside third party having such an affect on my game play is rather daft. I pay Blizzard, not them! :smiley: