Raider io is a total joke

Give people the original information. Make them go and find other ways to judge me. Pure Logs. Infromation straight from the game; not fed through a third-party algorithm.

Why so serious! :smiley: 10k is more than enough.

But for real, didn’t it occur to you that this may be a joke to show how the rio haters act ?


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So if blizzard implements the formula rio uses into their game, everything would be fine?

It’s just concentrated information from your armory, no withcraft whatsoever.
Without rio people would look at your armory and create the score that rio creates by hand.

It does give the pure information. It gives the time and level of the dungeon for people to look at.
It then evaluates that and gives a rating, but at the core, it is still showing the original information.

Did you play before raider io was a thing it was horrible, taking based on ilvl, raiding achievements or m+ achievements, tho those capped out at 15, so couldn’t be used for pushing really.

Go to warcraftlogs and paste this is after com /character/eu/draenor/magerrion#zone=20
Is this what you want when you say pure logs?
Also you know logs and the percentile in logs are handled by a third party service at warcraftlogs right? It is information straight from the game they arrange the way they feel helps the playerbase the most, just like RIO, which also pulls information straight from the game, in the form of the blizzard API, major difference is that you actively chose to log, most of the time, whereas all your keystone runs are made public, whether you want it or not.

If you stream and reveal your real life info, that breach is on you.

Yes but the question is if blizzard reveals which characters are connected on an account is the breach on them if you posted on one of them anonymously?

They don’t reveal what characters are connected. I feel I may have missed a step in this discussion, I apologise.

For Raider IO to link your characters you have to go on their website, set up an account and sync with battle net. You can then choose which character you wish to identify as your main and whether or not you want your alts to link to it.

A person who has never registered will just be treated as individual characters.

However I don’t actually see that connected characters make you identifiable.

Incidentally anyone can go on the Raider IO website and opt out of being included. You have to register and choose to hide your characters. This will not help people get into mythic plus as you appear as a no score character.

Wowprogress works the same way. Also has a scoring system but in my opinion is abysmal at actually tracking runs.

How do i get this green text?

By not starting threads like this.

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is there any tl;dr?

Don’t pug then OP, welcome to the pug life for everyone.

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