Raider io is a total joke

Oh God,

We’ve gone from righteous indignation about his dps to armchair GDPR lawyers who don’t realise GDPR is there to protect Joe Bloggs, not stabbymcqtpie’s dungeon run information.

:star_struck::star_struck: Wakanda Forever :star_struck::star_struck:

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It feels like being naked at home and someone is watching you from a secret web cam

Did you just quote me as saying something i quoted to respond to? XD

I am however not sure what you mean by your comment? Yes the keyholder should consent to people playing their key?

So you don’t mind that person might have an additional information to make sure time won’t be wasted on the presumably demanding content?

No why would i? What do you mean by additional information? like outside of RIO or what? cause at this point, RIO is not considered additional information, but rather just baseline information.
When putting a group together getting as much information as possible helps ensure the success of the run, even though that always means cutting the less experienced players off.

I could request that all members have DBM or use some other addon.

The addon is not the issue, it’s how it’s used.

If I choose to take people that have only done the key I’m listing as the minimum, raider io score doesn’t mean anything because I’m looking at whether they have ever completed that dungeon at that key level. Raider io shows that too.

But what Applies here is that outside of guild runs, I wouldn’t take a single person to a +10 tol dagor for example that hadn’t already done it.

And I also wouldn’t take someone to a +7 tol dagor either that had only done a +4.

So raider io score means very little to many that use it who don’t just look at the score.

people complaining about being declined need to understand they aren’t the only ones on that list they also may be signing for a dungeon they haven’t completed at that level yet.

I sometimes sign for 1 above the one i’ve completed when pugging on my alts, I don’t expect to be invited I don’t whisper them if they decline me, i just move on and try again.

That would depend on the importance of the data to stabbymcqtpie. Have blizzard clearly outlined for instance that various toons are identifiable on your account. Do they give you proper options to protect your information as should be the case under GDPR. If you are known on one toon in real life but not on another then releasing information on your “alias” could have serious consequences.

GDPR is there to ensure that any data you do not want to share voluntarily is not shared. Companies are going to learn the hard way if they think they can circumnavigate this in the long term.

It’s not personal data. The fact that the rogue can also be identified as the alt of a priest and warrior is not personal data. If you could suss out his personal name, address etc then it becomes personal data.

GDPR covers personal data.

I’ve said personal data 4 times now. Get what it covers and what it doesn’t?

If he is known in real life as X, and posts anonymously on Y. Then if it is possible through something he didn’t clearly sign up to, to identify him, then it is in violation of GDPR.

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You’ll have to be more clear, how can we identify my RL identity from Dejarous based on what Blizz discloses? Because until you can make that connection this is irrelevant.

If for instance you streamed on that character. Or used you real name in discord communities.

You then post on what you assume to be an anonymous alt and suddenly find what you are saying is being linked to real life you.

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Has Blizz revealed personal data? Nop.

Given the inter-connectivity of the internet it is debatable. It would make an interesting test case.

I support this, if is topic troll fake or not I support :joy:
I read a forum, wowhead, watching on youtube how ppl r complaining on bfa content etc but no one complain about toxic environment, ppl who is the main cause of extinction of the game. Most of them are full of themselves, have big …no big huuuge expectations. Raider io is just bonus on their self-conceit. Lack of patience what brings me on thinking how this ppl will play famous Vanilla :joy:
Ppl r killing this game that is sad true. Blizz is not killing it or Activision it is just a ppl…Rip xD

Pretty sure DBM doesn’t go around casting numerical judgement on players when they have no authority to do so.

I get that there are other people in the waitlist for groups. I get that people want the best they seem necessary for their groups. I get that there are a hundred reasons why someone might be picked over me.

It’s just not fair that a third party system, with no ties at all to the company I am paying monthly to play, is causing another potential roadblock.

It’s not causing a roadblock at all. Its giving people information to make an informed choice. Take away raider io and people will find other ways to judge you and you’d be in the same place.

RaiderIO just provides data information of a character. You may LFG for an hour just to get to group, but I really think it still better that way.

I remember back in the days, when hosting pug heroic raids. Come for inspect, ask questions about tactics on the hard bosses, checking gear enchants, checking gear gems, checking talents, checking achievements, checking if you have the right stats for your class on the gear you have … 2-3 hours only for hosting raid please no!

I can’t even imagine how should I sort out the good and bad players from the mass of DPS queuing for a high key, now that ilvl doesn’t matter.

And the best of all was when you waited 2 hours in someones raid group only for the leader to kick you, because he found someone better…

If there wasn’'t RaiderIO i can see people coming here and complaining how they get rejected because they have 3 items without haste(or what ever stat is their top) on them and asking Blizzard to remove secondary stats.

This is why I gave in all the rio topic suggestions to make it better for progression, since probably 5 times a +10 in time can maybe enough to get invited in the +11, and also when you have finished it with 10 minutes on the timer. Also there has to be something done about the total score (like out of the addon, and only at the bottom (as a calculation-number) of the website.

Don’t get me wrong. I am pro-rio, but the current state is pretty bad. It is only ‘the best’ we have since it is the only thing we have.

How is that Blizzards fault if YOU chose to stream on that character or use your real name in a third party program Blizzard has no influence on?