Raise The Gold Cap to 5000g As You Promised

Honour your blue posts, at least pretend to have some integrity:

activision have made too much money to honor there word.

from 14 slot bags for boost to 12 slot bags.

honor nerf making it borderline impossible to gear a fresh char before tbc

im sure theres more, this is just whats personally impacted me in the last 24 hours.

sets a precedent for things to come i think.

The honor stuff doesn’t bother me really to be honest, everyone is in the same boat, and to be fair you don’t need honor to gear a fresh character before TBC.

I know these are things that impacted yourself, and I don’t mean to big up my own impacts, but not raising the gold cap for 60’s to allow them to move away from PvP servers to actually play the game in peace feels more important, especially when it was clearly stated a week beforehand.

There is a poor precedent being set as you say, between a lack of information and a lot of time between any communications, meaning players just get frustrated and angry, among other things like those you mentioned.

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