Rakar Statement

Hello to everyone i just wanna take this time to apologies to the things i said and done in the past i dont wanna have any beef w anyone just Discuss normal pvp stuff.

  1. Bloodlock which happend to be a good friend and i did him dirty same as aryash you both are nice people.

Shadenox which is a insane player and i admit his effort same goes to aryash.

Deepdamp i mean ur a legend.

Some other ppl i flamed with 0 reason i apologies to all of u.

I meam i did alot of s in shadowlands cause i was graving a r1 title i was such a dumb f .

Now its 2 late and irl reasons cause i had a new job and was in a position to make decisions for my other work ppl i was going to the gym everyday cause it was very stressful at the start. And i trashtalked alot of good ppl they were always nice to me or ppl i just hated for a bad comment.

My behavior in the past was just wrong and unneeded.


ok thanks for the update bud

You’re kinda glossing over what you did with that.

Who are you again?


I am over 30 now and I can say that the world is not in black and white for me.

When I was 20, I got extremely frustrated at people who were traitors and treated me bad.

Then, I became one of them without realising it.

And then I realised it is the chemicals or something in the brain and stress and the need for something like power that changes someone temporarely.

So like, now when I see someone treat me like crap, I am just going to be put in standby and later forgive that guy.

I hope your friends do the same.

I have no clue how you work or what youre thinking but it is just a guess. I hope your friends like that elite glad mogged warlock because its like the only lock I see still playing and not rolling a melee class so I guess its that person I hope that lock and everyone else forgives you. A warlock is a treasure. Or a mushroom.

Ive also tried to reach top in my old account season 2 as an undead rogue, I abandoned my irl friends to focus on it… :confused:

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What do you mean

Holy s thats also a hard story man

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The guy that tells you you need to lose 40 lbs or gain 30lb s muscles

Atleast he admits it, Takes a real man.


Its him, its Rakar! Hes here! :scream_cat:

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He admits to his behavior, but as mentioned already, he’s kinda glossing over the cheating stuff he did. See, most people don’t even know what he did, he’s pretty much just sweeping it under the rug.

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No one expects him to go into detail, or else he would get banned.
I would like the other people who got name called in this thread to share their opinions aswell.

He deserves to get permabanned for what he did. That :poop: is not something people should forgive & forget.
For the record, I’m arguing that the people buying it are just as bad as the people doing it. Hence why my PoV is what it is.


Blizzard needs to start from people who didn’t have the guts to admit it first.
There aren’t many people who would admit anything on any forums.


So you mean people should cut him some slack when he’s clearly still trying to dodge the banhammer for what he did? Doesn’t really look like he’s owning up to everything, just that he wants to get back in with the people he apologized to.
For the record, I’ve never talked to him, I just don’t like this seemingly insincere apology where he’s glossing over that cheating part. Cheating just shouldn’t be allowed to prosper.

No, never.
Him doing what he did is respectable that’s all.

I just don’t find it all that sincere by him, that’s all.

We’ll see how he behaves to people from now on, only then we can see if he is being legit or not.


Honestly, I always found him funny. But it’ll show if this was sincere or not, if he starts buying PvP rewards again or not. That part, he deserves to get banned for even if he doesn’t buy it again.

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Atleast he still has very biased views towards Warriors. :smiley_cat:

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