Rakar Statement

all warriors seem to be like that they love been one of the broken specs of which theres 3 main outliers right now that being assa, arms, and ele

I respect what you’re doing Rakar by coming clean

Hope everything gets better from now on


What is the difference if someone admits it or not if it is known and everyone knows it is so? So for example, if a robber admits that he robbed he should be spared? Total nonsense.

How toxic he was is a separate story :joy:

Usually he gets a softer sentence

Maybe the robbers get softer sentences. But do those who commit the worst crimes get softer sentences? There is no worse “crime” in the game than cheating (and toxicity is next btw).

There is, it’s called playing a demonhunter or fury warrior

Or arms warrior



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Wow really haha

I mean im actually not that toxic in real life lol i was just in wow for years idk why

Unless whe germans get in a car idk most toxic nation when it comes to driving

I mean i got 6 months logged in got the title etc and played 3 weeks in s4 i guess of sl and then i got permad idk i mean i probably deserved it.
But i got this warrior from someone to play w i dont call his name out.

So ihope that all got cleared out now

Now that solo shuffle is out go for a rank 1 title legit in solo q

Ohman i hate shuffle
I mean warr got buffed and i never puttef effort into shuffle but maybe i will now

Yo, what did I miss?

And what is cheating in your eyes ? Pls explain were here to clear stuff out

Idk what you missed

You can still get r1 even if your spec is bad since it’s spec based

I will try it for sure

There would be only 2 or 3 awc teams left if we ban the ppl that did it in s2 sl :slight_smile: just sayin

Because such behavior in real life leads nowhere. You’d be a complete idiot that no one would want to spend 5 seconds with + every now and then you’d run into someone who would kick your ***.

That’s why the internet is a great place, especially for frustrated (and some other) people who are very often smaller than a cockroach in real life.

Yeah, internet mentality, you show this and that, swear, but you sit locked in the car and after 5-10 seconds you move on. And if it happens that someone blocks your way and pulls you out of the car, which happens from time to time in my country to people who behave like that in traffic, then you call the police :joy: