Random dungeon finder

I only recently got back to wow. I wanted to play on classic as i suspect there are a slightly more mature base here.

The experience has been okay. Not great nor bad. I have one dk at 80 and a few alts beside.

I like the game and the new shiny things like hc+ and that big cds are reset on death and wintergrasp is crossrealm! I think that all classes and speccs seem pretty balanced and thats nice (compared to wrath!). But i didnt enjoy leveling at all. I love dungeons and i dont really have the possibility to do any. I leveld my dk and did 2 runs in hellfire and thats it. I couldnt find a group until i was in nothrend. The current lfg seems to be a decent tool if you want to vet who you are playing with but if you just want to do loads of dungeons especially at below max level and content its not powerful enough. Will we see random dungeon finder in wotlk classic?

Have a good day. (P.s Spelling typos etc. Sorry)


I like your name, bro

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Till now there’s only one official statement dating back from Blizzcon when WotLK was announced. They stated back then RDF is not coming to WotLK classic because ‘people’ said they want that authentic classic feel. IOW they want to manually search for dungeons to keep the sense of Vanilla/TBC community they so love.

After 5 months of this expansion and a lot of: “Bring RDF back” threads on this forum, no official statement on this has been made yet. So till now it looks like RDF is not coming back.

To be honest, I don’t even feel like going to dungeons because there’s no RDF. I have to wait for a tank and healer to show up on the list of those interested in the dungeon. I have to ask most of the people to find out if they want to do hm or hm+. I want to farm all the heirlooms (except the pirate ring), but without RDF, it’s so difficult that it’s almost impossible.


This. I don’t level alts and don’t even do hc+ on my 5k gs main because I just can not be bothered without RDF. If it was in game, I’d seriously consider levelling a DK as tank and Druid as heal/boomkin. But no way am I just doing the outland and northrend solo quests for the 10th time. I’m not even mentioning going through the horror show of the old world form level 1 again. I’m literally not logging outside ulduar 25 farm on main until they put RFD back in.


RDF will be coming back in phase 4. No official statement on this, however both camps would be satisfied:

  • Classic andies will get RDF just as in original, so they could finish Classic trilogy and never go to “spoiled” Cataclysm (that was actually decent untill DS and LFR).

  • Private server fans and retailers would get RDF despite the plan of never releasing it, creating even greater ICC hype wave.


Pretty much… when the last 2 dailies were for the troll dungeons and I queued up with my mage, all I saw were 5 dps in queue. Not a single heal, let alone tanks.

That too. If I don’t have auth I always need to tell the joiners (especially if they selected multiple dungeons) that it’s gonna be a VH, and hc+ (as almost no one does regular hc by now…)

Kinda feel you here… apart from the daily there aren’t any other groups 90% of the time. Don’t get me started on leveling dungeons, especially Vanilla. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Outland is fine more or less - feels fast enough - but Northrend without the xp buff is a literal slog.

Okay that’s a contradiction… but I’m rooting my fingers for this!

We :clap: need :clap: RDF :clap: for :clap: WotLK!

The sole reason I do Ulduar (and later Toc) is to have my alts ready right away :smiling_face_with_tear:

5k GS is my main goal here.


I really had high hopes for WOTLK Classic. I can’t understand why Blizzard thought it was a good idea to remove RDF. I have played the game for a week and I’ve managed to do only one single dungeon. I play on Mirage Raceway which has got a decent alliance population but still no one to start the dungeons with. You have to walk to the dungeon yourself and the first dungeon is in Orgimar. Playing as an alliance character, I didn’t know how the hell I was supposed to go there to start the dungeon. I can see why the population in private WOTLK servers are still so high. I am going back to Warmane after this subscription ends. For anyone who subscribed just for WOTLK, I suggest you do the same.


I wonder why they dont want rdf when it seems most players want it. I havent logged in a few days because there is hours between each dungeon and its not that enticing to just fish or wait for wintergrasp.

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Your guild name is the answer. They are trying a social experiment of making interaction communicate with each other before the run. If everything is automated you get retail, where players essentially playing the single player game up untill m+ or raids. But leveling and early gearing supposed to hook you to some groups / guilds as it is MMO and player interaction matters. Sadly the 10 years of automation and session based gamers culture cannot be undone.

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You ever considered the fact that rdf might hurt the open world for those who enjoy it aswell? Wow is not supposed to be a lobby like overwatch and fortnite, its not hard to understand. And no you did not recently get back into wow, you are one the few rdf trolls spamming about it with multiple characters, you are not fooling anyone.

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I’m not a pvper and I can’t be really bothered to fish when I don’t even use so much food (for which I could buy the fishies with the daily dungeon’s gold reward).


Because of this, I mainly just level alts. My main can’t even really use her emblems for main spec, only OS at best, but I have items of similar strength or even better for the token slots I could buy.

Doesn’t really exist in groups I believe, I mostly see messages like “hi” “ty” “bb” “summ possible?”. Myself, I don’t chat because this is when I fire up the forums, if I don’t respond to PMs from frens. I’d wager it’s similar for the rest when the chances you’d see a fellow player again is fairly low.

Furthermore, with how little free time one has, it’s best put to the most effective use. Which quite collides with social interactions as is, especially if one is tired after work. (Facts, interactions tire me themselves :smiling_face_with_tear:)

I have a feeling RDF will be implemented in ICC patch like og wotlk. There was no RDF on ulduar phase.

At least in the ToC phase

This is pretty much the normal experience if you’re not leveling early in phase 1 of the content. Dungeons are dead, elite quests are dead, everyone is doing endgame.
Lack of RDF is part of the reason why the community is more mature, though.

RDF at this time would be great. And/or make a option between normal HC and HC+

Are you talking about me?

I resubbed for Wrath as it was my favourite expansion and was really dispointed there’s no group finder, so I’m all for RDF, especially if it will be cross realm.
I’m on Pyrewood Horde side and it’s become even more of a ghostown this week after two big guilds left and another went back to classic. It’s impossible to get a group for any dungeon or group quest that’s below level 80 on Horde side. Alliance side on Pyrewood is so overpopulated in Dala and Stormwind you can’t even see the floor :laughing:


“Might” ? Layers hurt more.

I understand you dont want rdf, but personal opinions arent facts


Ye, i was looking forward to leveling thru the old unchanged classic 5mans with getting fast groups and instant ports to dungeons…
Such a disappointment.
Even if i wanted to, never will level another character. Absolute waste of time.

I would say, the LFG tool should be implemented to work on every instance in the game, including old raids (maybe scaled to 10ppl, so it doesnt take forever). But NOT for lvl80 heroics or raids.
Endgame content would still be dependent on “community”, whatever that means. But all instances until then should be just spammable with an automatic LFG tool.