Random FPS drop and game freeze

Rtx 2070 super 16gb ram amd ryzen 3700

It doesn’t matter where I am in game or if I’m running addons or not.
I’m generally sitting at around 100fps in most areas however the game will randomly freeze and drop to 1 or 2 frames per second then freeze for a good few seconds before slowly getting back to normal.
I’ve checked windows updates, graphics drivers, deleted the wtf and cache folders yet the problem still persists. Any ideas?


same issue here 2060S

There are several threads and posts about it, they did something with 9.0.5, but no word about any fixes since some time.

Same here just got back to the game. frames drop it freezes and gets back to normal. for the rest of the day.

Have the same problem since the last reset and its rly annoying …got like 70fps then drops to 2-3 for no reason…sometimes and freezes completely for like 10sec and i have to alt f4 so it can fix
GPU: GTX 1650

bumposaurus rex

Also having this issue lately. Randomly out of no where FPS will drop to 9-10 then go back to normal and intermittingly drop again and back up again.

And as far as I remember it was only after 9.0.5 as well.