Range or Melee

What to play when you still like the game, still like to level, but your gettin a bit old and lazy, but still love the close quarter combat style of melee… what to choose, what to do?

Paladin? :stuck_out_tongue:

You get bored to death leveling paladin, especially in Vanilla.
For easy and painless way i would bet for hunter, but as far as you prefer melee i would pick feral druid (just personal toughts).

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Go Shaman! You can go melee, caster or healer!


Shaman, Druid or Paladin would be the best options, plus as an added bonus, you can always change your preferred playstyle and respec to a different playstyle. Something you cannot do as most other classes.

Then you answered your “range or melee” question.

Shaman or Druid, might the be the way to go. Thanks guys.

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