Rate that name!

(Ohbyru) #1

Rate the name out of 10 for the character above you. Feel free to give some feedback.

Please be gentle…


7/10 certainly a unique name and i guess it fits considering you’re a Draenai

(Uruk) #3

8/10 It has a nice sound to it.


Sounds tribal and baddasss
Perfectly for a undead tauren


Perfect name for a troll sounds just like a Northener troll.

Edit:Sorry my auto-correct is annoying me.


Halicos seems to be a surname or something to do with watches. If I didn’t know that it seems about 8/10.

btw I thought I made mine up until I searched it.


I think it suits you.
When i hear rasdal i dont thing panda bud
I stil dig it7/10]

My hole name is pyrus kronatius bud i made up this name when wasnt realy that much into fantasy yet.
So thats why this is my name


Thank you although Halicos is supposed to mean the Exalted one :grinning:.

(Tahra) #10

Not a very troll sounding name. 4/10. :confused:

4 because at least it’s a name. One of my pet peeves is people using words or silly sentences as names.


I see the troll sounding names at least that I heared of are jumabwa,Drakoru,Zenji etc…


Thnx for the feedback next time i am gowing to look better into names when i make a new character

(Tahra) #13

Tbh I think I was a bit harsh with the score.
If it had been a human or blood elf for instance I’d probably have rated it a 8/10.
So maybe 5 or even 6 for your troll would be better. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Nagrash) #14

It’s a nice name, 8,1/10.

It doesn’t scream gnum, thats why I like it :stuck_out_tongue: not a fan of the coggle, goggle cutesy names people often give their chibis.

bonus 0,1 point for supporting Griftah.


Now that is a mag’har name
Sounds cool and baddass
And fits youre class

10/10 boi here

(Tahra) #16

Best shoes ever. I’m almost disappointed we just get to hide our shoes come tomorrow. I think I’ll still be using these when I want to show my oversized feet. :wink:

(Dottie) #17

We can hide them now using griftahs shoes.

(Tahra) #18

I think you missed the point of my previous post, because that’s exactly what I’m saying. You need Griftah’s now, but we won’t tomorrow.
Check my profile; I use them (a lot). :grin:

Anyway, we’re polluting this thread! Rate those names people. :upside_down_face:

(Teknetia) #19

I’m confused as to who is the last person so I’ll assume you.

The name is a bit on the nose. I’m not a fan of names that are very similar to the race name. It’s like calling someone Humatt.

It also isn’t completely unbelievable I’m jsut not a fan of the name.

5/10 from me.

Just to save confusion, this chars name is pronounced Tek-knee-sha


Pretty unique, sounds a bit African-American(?)



6/10 I can’t see your face, so i’m not sure if you are honest with us.