Rate that name!

(Nimrhys) #186

Hmm. Is nice but also has “yas” on the end which just makes me think NefarYAAAAAAAS. Unsure if this is a good or bad thing so 9/10


a lil hard to pronounce, but overall its a nice one ill go with 9/10.

p.s you sound extra german

(Nimrhys) #188

It’s just pronounced nim-riss also the nim bit is tolkien elvish for white.


mor > nim :ok_hand:

(Nimrhys) #190

Yeah but Morrhys is a bit rasp


Now I know how it’s pronounced, I’d give 9/10. I can t imagine it being easily attached to a last name like Hawkarrow or Sunwaker etc which is all you really want from a belf name really.


Nice moustache. 8/10.

(Imsoret) #193

7/10 not bad

(Nimrhys) #194

In other MMOs etc she is Nimrhys Dawnstar


I like that far more than my suggestions!


You sound like logans (wolverine’s) big fat brother 9/10

(Dragonsworn) #197

Love the name but reminds me of halloumi cheese to much.


(Tanvar) #198

Reminds me of Game of Thrones for some reason
Are you a fan?


Reminds me of a warlock friend i had through tbc/wotlk/cata but quit after very good fond and fun times so 9/10 as your not him .


Would make a great female tauren or HM tauren name, sounds red indian to me. But also works for nightborne 8/10


Dishi is a great name for a pandaren, but it has a more feminine sound to it so I think it would suit a female pandaren better. 7/10 :slight_smile:


It’s appropriate for a Zandalari, though I wouldn’t remember it somehow. Sound like one of those names you could generate with a Zandalari name generator, so I’ll give 9/10 only due to this, but it’s a solid one.


5/10 - naming yourself after a Manga shipwright and model maker doesn’t evoke the sense of danger / mystery you expect from an bottom-kicking giant panda warrior


Reminds me of Caradhras from Lord of the Rings. I like the name itself, but I’m not sure it fits a Mag’har that well. 6/10 :slight_smile:


Caridris os the real name of Angel in David Gemmel’s second Waylander novel - you should read Gemmel - outstanding heroic fantasy