Rate that name!


Another wannabe skinny elf name, like thousands before (boring) :zzz:.


Also, if You’re trying to pointing on me, You’re wrong here, buddy. It has nothing to do with dragons.
It’s a combination of Asian language and beginning of my name is actually from the name of my race, Draenei (Draenei > Drenai > Dre > Drekhan) :exploding_head:.

Ye, I know, impressive, right :sunglasses:? First one was actually Drekhai, which I will one day use on one of my alts (if I will have any), but then I changed it to this.


7/10, lacks some double letters, like Drekhaan :smiley:


8/10 Nice name for a Paladin, maybe more for Human, but it’s okay :slight_smile:


8/10. It works for an elf.


Pretty sure your toon is older then Legion, so you didnt just rip Azuna.
Its a cool, feminine name. 8/10.

(Anducal) #171

Your names really original but I just can’t help but think of murlocs when I read it lol 8/10

(Stinea) #172

fitting name for a Draenei 8/10! :smiley:


I like it. 8/10. Extra points for being a Draenei.


Somewhere between a Diablo angel and Tolkien. Not quite 100% sure it fits any player character, but on the whole pleasing. 8/10.


A Friday? Sir and/or ma’am, I am drinking after work (a few hours after work) right now! I also try to be nice to people who talk to me. Except on forums. I’m a devil on forums :smiley:


Thanks, I love how you used the term TE :smiley:

Verngard is a great name and suitable one for human paladin as well!

Anyway I use this name on many different platforms for my game accounts, I chose VE because of the whole Thalassian elves situation :slight_smile:


Well, in Tolkien’s universe it sounds how many English speakers would pronounce Tauriel, who is from the films, but the name mean Daughter of the Woods/Forest anyway, which would be suitable for Silvan elf.

Not so much for a Draenei, I always imagine at least one doubled vowel like my pala Alaara :smiley: . It still sounds nice though.


Double l is there because I want the name to be pronounced Vælir not Væilir :slight_smile:

Btw your name is nice and very dragon like, do you RP as one?


A fellow void elf, good sounding name maybe one to many L’s but still sounds good. 7/10


getting kalecgos vibes, 6/10


I always imagine Pikachu, when I see your name :smiley: 9/10

(Ileador) #180

You are a samurai of the old ages,right?


Sounds like an elf, i like it! 10/10


Perfect Draenei name! 10/10 just weird decision for monk class :slight_smile:


Well yeah.


I like the name :stuck_out_tongue: pretty elfish. 10/10

(Nefaryas) #185

Perfect name for a night elf 10/10