Rate that name!


what do you think?:stuck_out_tongue:


Ummmmmm yeah it’s funny but does it represent your play style :joy:.

7/10 for originality lol


8/10 nicename

dont at me for my name my gf came up with it lol


I don’t know if I should be insulted by that name :joy:.



That sounds like a name for a plant or a tree but overall ok :+1: 6/10. 10/10 if you were a night elf cause you know… plants :rofl::joy::rofl:


10/10 for having such a lovely name. Makes me think you are an ernest person


Hmmm, where can we send this gnome to create chaos ?
Being a nickname more i would give it a 7/10.
Cheers !

(Stulxyma) #334

10/10, instantly thought ‘mage’ when I read the name :slight_smile:

(Keyur) #335

How can I rate without knowing your class :grinning:

Well 9/10. -1 for basic wow logo.


8.5/10 I quite like your name, clean, simple and suits your race.


8/10, certainly fits a Night Elf druid! It also starts with a C, which is not something I often see in Elvish names. Which is pretty cool.


Very elven name. Love it. 9/10 !

(Râbies) #339

7/10 Its allright i guess :slight_smile:


Very fitting for a dog ahem wolf I mean 10/10


Nice name, reminds of that indian actor.


I had a duck called Llkkjjhhggff once. She’s dead now. 1/10


If its a pun i don’t get it, Weird name but could be worse 4/10


not sure wether you are a lassy that likes to bang or spelled bangladesh wrong 4/10


since we replied at the same time, your named after grover from sesame street right? 7/10


No, it’s supposed to be a Warrior Name

The majority of warriors have approved it :smiley: