Rate that name!


I like it, but it would’ve been perfect on a dwarf MONK.


8/10 because of that missed chance, otherwise a strong 10/10


I think your name is quite good for an Elf :slight_smile: 9/10, i think Eyesore was being a bit of a sourpuss :wink:


Wyborn, sounds interesting, 8/10


9/10 sounds the name in itself is very mysterious, I don’t know why the name and class combo gives me chills.
I like it.


7/10 I think of “tiny” and gnomes when pronouncing this. However you would be anything but tiny which makes it cute :smile:


I quite like it 8/10 :blush:

I’m a highmountain tauren, Im a shaman and I like sandwiches so thought this name suiting.


ermmm 6/10? Shamwich, feels like you’re saying sandwich but with your mouth full of said shamwich




It’s nice enough to pronounce, but not sure if it sings as a rogue name to me

(Puifun) #315

8/10 Easy to pronounce.


Cute and light hearted name, grasps the pandaren fantasy well 10/10.

(Gerthanas) #317

Not very mooish, but I like it. 8/10


Oi! Me likes Tahra! 10/10


5 out of 7

Sounds like a finnish name


Yerr right, lass. Painmachine translated and me first tank speck


4/10 because it makes little sense to me, though I see that it is translated ^^


Feels very royal and regal suits a holy warrior so 9/10 would be 10/10 but i don’t like your helmet .


This is not a Mog rating thread though :rofl:


I know rofl but it hides your face :hugs:


I lold @ dark iron shaman dhiarrhea… just why? :smile:

Daestra, suits a female warlock just fine 9/10


Do you realise what your name sounds like? :grin: