Rate that name!


funny name! 7/10

(Lynlarae) #44

Eric Scott Esch sounds good for a tauren boxer big guy! 8/10


You could open a restaurant in a wow city and call it Beef and Butterbean. 9/10


I see what you did there :wink: 8/10

I am usually on Ãnna but felt like a change :slight_smile:


Zala that’s a good troll name sounds like voodoo 10/10.


A good Troll - I do try :wink:

Oh Halicos what to say… lots of love for you & your name my friend :slight_smile: :purple_heart:


Name really suits your race. 9/10


Sounds good and suits well your race aswell ^^ 10 !

(Redoctober) #51

Nice name and it suits the character. 10/10


8/10 because I like the film

(Tahra) #53


I think:
Sentence names suck. Joke names suck even more. So sentence joke names… yeah.
I hate them.

Nothing against you personally though, you could be a jolly person for all I know. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


sounds like a orc warrior name ill go with 2/10

(Tahra) #55

Pffff personal bias dude. Weak!
Ps: This character was originally a female orc. :nerd_face:

As for your name… well… the name itself isn’t bad, but I’d have gone for an eastern/asian type transmog then. So all in all: 6/10


Gonna respond to Bukachu since you have already been rated Tahra. :smiley:

9/10. The name itself is original. But for a human?..Hmm…hmm…I cant put my finger on it but I think a different race was needed. :smiley:


Really rare and pretty name .

Lynlea is the 62,109th most popular name of all time.
9/10 as you hide your velf face behind your hair .


Love the name defo 10/10

my character is me irl. its an in game version of me irl :joy:

(Julia) #59

6/10 its an okay name but not my style :nerd_face:


Nice and simple, it’s pretty rare to find names like that available!

I’d say 9/10, the missing point only because being it a simple name, it could be hard to identify

(Gatük) #61

Name doesn’t go with a Human male -like the name just not on a Human 6/10


7/10 nice one