Rate the Rogue name above you!

(Sneakykebab) #201
I can't say it's good or bad but it sounds NORMAL. 6/10

(Thaxor) #202
Has a cool ring to it 5/10

(Stealthboy) #203
Sounds very elfic (could be human too) rogue lieutenant, 07/10.

ps: mine is tricky.

(Unspeakable) #204

The "boy" part makes it a little less dangerous, but then again; it's fitting for a gnome

(Guttershank) #205
Fitts a rogue well

(Shep) #206
10/10. Very undead, very rogue! Love it.

Mine's... not very rogue. But hey...

(Jaxxle) #207

Suits the character and I like it

(Cowardrogue) #208
yup, a typical goblin name. 8/10

(ßæðñýiúøç) #209

It's ok.

(Battousai) #210
Ehm, I can't really read that so I'll have to give you a 1/10. Sorry.

(Shankz) #211
I like you did the kingslayer, needed to re read it to get it though


(Franksappa) #212
Just lovely - 10/10 ^^

(Emonigur) #213
Frank reminds me of filthy frank so thats a 10/10

(Emonigur) #214
Oops wrong account

(Craai) #215
I will just continue the thread from Franksappa

I really like it 9/10!

(Intox) #216
05/08/2016 12:44Posted by Diaphanous
6/10. You don't look very spooky.

9/10 - It does fit the theme!

(Pinchpenny) #217
It's ok, I think? I'm not too sure with this one! 7/10

(Ìndra) #218
6/10 It's a funny name but it doesn't feel very rogueish to me :P

(Bigsurprise) #219
7\10, unique name, I like it.

(Bonescythe) #220
Since you're playing outlaw, those 40k pistol shot crits really are a Big surprise, so i'll give you that.