Rate the Rogue name above you!

(Maddoy) #322

its a pretty offensive name as a female bloodelf, sounds kind of ambiguous :wink:
i hate the alien series though… 7/10


Yo Doy, why you mad brah? :stuck_out_tongue:

Reading it as one name; Maddoy, sounds alright. I’d give you a 7/10 (:


Original one, hope you are not one in real life… 8/10


7/10. 10/10 if you are really a girl


Simple and funny name for a rogue, I guess it gives some background to character to have a actual name. 8/10


9/10. I imagine you as the old school rogue that shanks people after a duel. And that’s a compliment!


Sorry, but I can’t help but think of the name Neil with your name… although nil implies loss and rogues are very good at taking things away from people.



mhm well, the name isnt really creative at all. ofc it kinda fits but nah nothing for me sorry. 3/10

(Maddoy) #330

I like it. Reminds me of dante. Poor bastrd :wink: hope. Your not as punished as he is.

(Cowardrogue) #331

like it, not sure what it means though 7/10


Very Blue, Alliance themed, gives me the feeling of wearing a plate instead of leather.
Overall look is ok 7/10


Haha, you’re in a rate the name thread matey :stuck_out_tongue:
I read ‘very blue’ and was like… cowardrogue is blue? How?

Cowardrogue: 8/10, well you are rogue, and apparently you are also coward. But you own it, so extra points.
Coupdegrace: 7/10, innovative, good rogue name… I just coulda sworn you used to be an orc?


Haha, my bad, Ill blame on morning haze :sweat_smile:

Dagga is a nice female Tauren name or even orc. As for Human Ill give you 6 and plus one for being nice 7/10.

P.S. and shockingly I was female Troll


Good name, 9/10, especially sounds cool for me cuz im tired of typical roleplay names. Have seen em too much tho.
Btw mine sounds like “Kirohiro”. Sorry for Cyrillic, russian class forums are active only in pvp-threads.


Sorry mate, but no idea what Kirohiro is supposed to mean, I like the sound of it tho so 6/10.


I think Mathias is more a RP name for a human. But maybe your name is Mathias irl and I assume short because of dwarf.

It’s a alright name for me, nothing good nothing bad.


(Xaero) #340

Not sure what’s going on. Did you stab your daughter or are you a daughter who got stabbed or stabs? Anyway, 6/10.


Well, you have quite a Agent-ish name in my opinion, so cool…

(Mine first meant to be a Peon name, so you may skip me)


So Kump did it again?
Find your name blameable, not sure why though xD

(Maddoy) #343

matching. id expect a more sneaky transmog though.
I like it nevertheless 9/10