Rate the Rogue name above you!


Really nice for a blood elf. Matching perfectly 9/10


Fits an undead, but not my cup of tea.


8/10 sounds fancy, fits a worgen


Sounds nice. 7/10

Edit: Seems my portrait still didnt update yet. Maybe due to the fact that i made the character not too long ago :smiley: It’s a male btw.


5/10 sounds like an environmentally friendly dolphin.

(Vulrin) #351

7/10 Sounds like something I’d expect to find on the surface of my skin and lives up to the accuracy of how I see rogues in PVP at the moment compared to other classes. @Blister


8/10. Decent.


Too many K’s 6/10

(Cowardrogue) #354

sounds like a Burglar to me 9/10


0/10. No originality no creativity.


7/10 I like it


7/10 - its a tiny bit “edgy rogue” and I wonder if you are bringing the thugs when you really should be the thug being brought.

Then I consider that you are undead and might have an accent/lisp/jaw-deformity thing going on and you are really meaning to say “The Hug” and really you are a nice Rogue that brings hugs to Alliance players.


Your name’s kinda like mine. Though it fits well 8/10


8/10 not bad


Shifra is nice. It somehow reminds me of the villain in one of the later Bond movies, Le Chifre I think his name was. Either way getting Bond associations with a rogue is never a bad thing.


(Cowardrogue) #361

You just pissed I ganked you, I know who your main is, trash horde.




(Just re-subbed ready for classic, someone stole my name hence the accent in the i)


idk why but it fits a rogue imo.



its quite nice!

(Sicarìus) #365

I like it sounds Elvish 8/10