Rate the Rogue name above you!

(Undeadycool) #161
6... if he sees you are dead lol. he should never see you. My name is not real rogue name but more undead reference.

(Ship) #162
5/10 not too shabby

(Spyke) #163
2/10 - I feel I'm being lied to - clearly not a ship, no masts or rudders

(Béyde) #164
7/10 for me its spike :D

(Harasser) #165
Gravie. Gravy? I thoroughly enjoy gravy on all of my meats. And this is what you have remind me of. Thank you.


(Johnnyblack) #166
10/10 it's what we do best

(Kemøsabe) #167
Almost Johnny Quest but not quite :)


(Noxia) #168
Eeeeh, unsure about the name to be quite honest. 5/10. Sounds cool though. Would be higher if there was no accent on the letter ^^

(Vâne) #169
Sounds like Toxic, 9/10

(Tobacco) #170
5/10, because of the funny letter.

I'm a dwarf and I smoke my pipe every now and then.

(Sneakiness) #171
wassup ? :0

(Soulshank) #172

(Needlefeast) #173
7/10 , would tap

(Hugostiglitz) #174
n1 8/10

(Dokhaan) #175
8/10 nice Rogie name :)

(Bladefan) #176
6/10. Not too rogue-relevant, but a unique name

(Overboard) #177
Pretty accurate when it comes to outlaw. 10/10

(Vîsable) #178
8/10. Suits the pirate themed rogue spec

(Kaberian) #179
8/10 Somebody really enjoyed the rich king expansion!

(Jaypaw) #180
I like the original sound of it and also a plus that there's no some "special" characters in it.