Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - #3

(Maddoy) #101
Show more cleavage and the game will be fsk 18.
I dont like it. Its not rogue like, besides you could kill with your nipples in winterspring.

(Flodrogue) #102
Rly like the dark red, armor is 9/10. But the hammers makes it a 7/10 overall.

(Maddoy) #103
13/10/2018 22:19Posted by Flodrogue
Rly like the dark red, armor is 9/10. But the hammers makes it a 7/10 overall.

Very nice tmog! A straight 10/10.

The hammers were just for fun, i played with that toy that turned you into a gnome, combined with those hammers and the toy that enhances your height it looked ridiculous. You got me in one of my weak moments /blush

(Valenthe) #104
9/10 really cool and i like the swords but i don't think it fully matches with the other gear but amazing overall

PS: I have no clue why the stupid armory shows only one of my weapons mogged as the artifact daggers...

(Wiuzi) #105
Weapons (well the one that shows) matches good with the armor, but it is pretty much a full set, looks good but since its basically a full set i give it a 6/10

(Maddoy) #106
nice one! i like the different style. weaps could be a bit smoother, the club always seems to be more of an orc weapon than a BE Offhand ;)

(Terminattor) #107
Overall a decent one, but i think gloves don't fit in that well, and color of shoulders seem too bright which makes other pieces of set look kind of lower rez.

(Bmcg) #108
@terminattor - 7/10
Was a tough decision, may of been a little harshe; couldnt decide whether it was great or not!
Think the 2 sets work well together, but the more I look at it, the more holes I see - especially with the head piece.

(Valenthe) #109
Noice 9/10

(Honun) #110
8/10 Tabard and Daggers make it distinctive

(Kadota) #111
good, weapons could be better 7/10

(Lauralana) #112
Good match with many of the pieces but the boots stand out to me, minus for those.

(Maddoy) #113
That is very pink. Not my case, but the pieces match. Weapons don't.

(Slayn) #114
Pretty good, don't like the maghari weapon thingy. I think the pants are a bit too hobo compared to the chest 8/10

(Manteiga) #115
You look like an NPC, very cool 10/10

(Ripr) #116
Looks good, would probably look better with black hair. 7/10

(Gloomie) #117
what should i rate here ? it's full set... good one...
4/10 for no creativity

(Sorp) #118
Cool. 7/10

(Maddoy) #119
Full set, looks great on mag'har, weapons suck, little to no creativity. 6/10

(Rogzten) #120
3/10 wouldnotwear :o