Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - #3

(Barrium) #81
8/10 very clean i like it

(Kyph) #82
8/10, great looks for a Dark Iron, although perhaps the shoulders look funny with this kind of character constitution.

And here I am sporting my AV clothes.

(Choríc) #83
Kinda druid-ish, but i really like it, it all fits well.

(Franksappa) #84
I like it but I'd choose different weapons tho.

(Valenthe) #85
8/10 not a bad concept

(Maddoy) #86
Slender and nice, 8/10

(By) #87
9/10 i rly like it

(Qepas) #88
Nice set from Firelands if I remember well. For me changing weapon to something darker will be better.

(Clawzor) #89
Nice mog! Style fits the character and those shoulders I dont see too often.
Not sure about the dagger combo though, like the shapes not the coloring together.
8/10 Cheers! <3

(Maddoy) #90
dark and simple, but the hood seems a bit "round" so it makes your head looking bigger than it really is.

(Sherimoon) #91
Very cool, the color scheme fits together nicely.
Also +1 for playing male belf instead of female like 98% of the belf population :D

(Hopelor) #92
Set looks good. Pirate seems to be fotm. Swords are pirate style but you can clearly see them being from older expansion with not so good graphics. 7/10

(Maddoy) #93
finally another one who likes that bear helmet!
love it, even though i generally dislike too spiky mogs.

(Pinchpenny) #94
Not bad at all, it could use a little contrast (lots of dark-on-dark) but it's still a nice effort! 8/10

(Jaxxle) #95

I rank this goblin woman future ex-wife material so 8 out of 10

(Valenthe) #96
Y'arr! I giv' ye a straight 10/10 boi

(Сеннри) #97
Like it 9/10

(By) #98
Clean 7/10

(Sluge) #99
Green is nice!


(Titanìa) #100
I can feel the "rogue" but im not very fond of the color combination.