Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - #3

(Choríc) #141
really nice and sleek :)

(Сеннри) #142

(Uflaks) #143
Looks a little Cold :)
But Nice and smooth

(Anwéen) #144

Love that the color matches and the dark-ish clothing.

(Farwatcher) #145
Alliance Frontline Rogue, I like it.
9/10. I am not a fan of the Fist Weapon.

(Bömber) #146
Cute one not quite rogue 7/10

(Xaero) #147
6/10 - Would be much better with a different Shirt (not Chest), and Belt.

(Kaenschatten) #148
really good! this set needs a fitting tabard, lord ..with the Head-Set piece wouldve been sick

(Apsalare) #149
Not really rogue type more like knight templar commando, bit too glowн for my taste 8/10.

(Maddoy) #150
clean and easy. although, i think it could be a little more rouge-ish

(Drezzyi) #151
Your colours match ok but not a huge fan of the weapons

(Pinchpenny) #152

I can’t seem to see your profile Drezzyi, so I won’t give it a score as it’d be unfair to you - but it looks like you’re wearing the PvP set from Legion?

It’s a nice set, but not particularly creative!

(Jaguaryokota) #153

Not sure about the weapon choice: 6/10

(Lilura) #154

Consistent colour scheme with a defined theme that all the pieces stick to. Very nice. The only issue I can find is that the cloak is noticeably higher quality compared to the rest, which is a little too much of a contrast.
9/10 though.


really cool, different Helmet maybe -1


8/10, would work better with the belf tabard!


Savage, but too naked for me.



The feet look weird but besides that 8/10.

(Clawzor) #159

Darn can’t see your armory page for no obvious reason. Your avatar looks nice though. Ironman goes rogue :stuck_out_tongue: 7/10

(Trinciamazze) #160

Nice and classic for a thief, I like it! 8/10