Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - #3


8/10, nasty little gnome!

(Infernae) #162

8/10, nasty big Orc

(Invader) #163

Mismatched gear, doesn’t look great. All you have going for you is that most (not all) of it is red. 2/10.

(Infernae) #164

Haha I did indeed just slap on some stuff :slight_smile:

(Mojomane) #165

Perfect ‘Best of Hellfire’ tmog. solid 5/7

(Sydienne) #166

7/10 decent but it’s almost a full set


9/10 I really like it. Understated and a bit piratey :slight_smile:


7/10, color scheme is pretty cool with the weapons matching aswell.


10/10 this is one of the few sets i regret not getting for my rogue

(Aldö) #170

6/10 Interesting, but too simple, it just works and doesn’t damage the eye.


simple and cool. 8/10


Really like it, but not much fan of shiny shoulders on rogue, 7/10

(Anarchy) #174

7/10 good matching set but personally not a fan of the theme.




nothing special but still 9/10


Very Hot! Love black transmogs. 9/10

-1 point because you are assassination and its such a Sub transmog :frowning:


The weapon and shoulder mobs look weird. Else it would be a 10/10 as you look as good as a blizzard designed NPC rogue quest giver.


10/10 i would run away in fear if i saw you coming :stuck_out_tongue:

(Maddoy) #180

I see what you’re aiming for, but it looks a little chaotic. 6/10


Nice one. This bandana looks really cool.