Ravager should cleave your st abilities during it

Pressing whirlwind during ravager is just not very nice. It also usually leads to wasting rage.

Ravager should automatically cleave your abilities while it’s active.

Ok, hear me out - let us not move more power into ravager. Thank you.

Perhaps give any other talent some love - not one part of the holy trinity?



This would literally fix the problem with whirlwind in ravager, it’s more about qol than power.

I don’t even know why you would say no to this.

Because ravager is already so silly powerful, with the QoL “fix” you would buff the ability even more to high heavens.

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So that means the problem with an ability shouldn’t be solved because it’s already “silly powerful” Which it isn;t.

If you don’t believe ravager is one of, if not the most, powerful talent nodes in the tree - ya need to reconcider things.

What you would do is move even more power into a CD that is already a mainstay on ST and AoE, just boosting it even more for free. It does not need that.

If you want Ramp to WW, that could perhaps exchange or be part of the RA node, anywhere else but the AM/Reck/Rav trinity.

What they could do is increase whirlwind stacks to 6 or 8.

If you want more WW stacks, you must bring down Fury AoE potential in another way. The meatcleaver stacks is a way to keep the 5 target cleave balanced - so if you increased it to double, you must also make up for the 2 additional GCDs of power gained.

So, as 2 GCD gained per 8 is 25%, you could reduce meatcleavers effect by 25% to compentsate I guess. Sounds aweful, but that is balance for you.

What you ask for is more power for a QoL that makes little to no sense. Maybe you want Fury to play more like DH that simply AoEs by default and got that kind of playstyle - but, personally, I don’t think that belongs with Fury Warrior.

I think you’re jumping to a lot of conclusions. While not knowing wtf you’re talking about.

Why would they need to reduce the damage of the cleave? Whirlwind is not even close to the best damaging ability, you just press it half as much, and during ravager you could just press whirl first and then cleave all of your other abilities while not wasting rage.

In short, think… Or don’t speak.

Playing Fury warrior for a long time indeed, I think I got the concept of how WW works down.

You to me sound just like you want more free GCDs powergain for nothing.

Yea no you really don’t.

Mr i have been playing fury for a long time. As if that matters at all.

Do you even know how many terrible players there are that have been playing since vanilla?

I will take the word from you, mr. I want more power for nothing.

Do you actually want to improve the spec?

First of all this change would be purely for aoe, st wouldn’t even be affected, second of all, do you enjoy wasting rage? Third, do you actually have a solution? Or you’re just gonna popoo every idea but not provide anything yourself?

I don’t even know why you are debating this. From your suggestion before you clearly don’t know wtf you’re talking about, so maybe just listen? A small suggestion.

What you are suggesting is just granting more power into an already powerful talent, if you don’t understand why giving free meatcleaver stacks for 9 secconds is a bit much - ya don’t understand how powerful the cleave is. Currently, you must use WW inside ravager to get the cleave going - you want to skip that and efficently get two more cleaved GCDs inside the window.

The “wasted” rage only happens if you don’t actually play around your meatcleaver stacks, that is the ‘gameplay’ and skill experession given by the gamestyle. If you dislike that WW is part of that style and you want a more streamlined DH style - that is fine, you like what you enjoy, that is fine. Yet, I really don’t think or believe warrior should go down the same path.

I did provide an alternative line of thought, yet you ignored it, that is alright. Then you suggested to flat increase meatcleaver stacks. I explained why that would be a problem. Then you started go for personal attacks. So I presume that is the line you want to go down, a troll one.

What you are asking for is not as small as you think.

There is no skill, you will waste rage in ravager window due to whirlwind.

If your last hit is rampage then no, if it isn’t, you will have to whirl and waste rage, or press rampage and not waste but do less aoe because your rampage didn’t cleave.

Rampage whirlwind cleave is actually not an awful suggestion though, i seem to recall it was a torghast power. I didn’t see that before. if they just put this in the annihilator build it’s just not gonna be taken though.

The skill is doing the WW GCD to increase your overall output, that choice to push that button is skill-Expression. Making it a pure passive removes the skill-expression and leaves DH gameplay.

Thing is, you do not seem to see how moving two globals turn your 600k opener to a 800k opener inside Ravager. This gives ravager another huge bump in power, it is not needed and not wanted. The GCD loss from WW is the cost of doing the cleaves, basically you buy the power with the global. If you do not effectively buy the power, then it is free - if it is free, it gets unbalanced fast. You will do less AoE with WW as it is, and that is the point.

The thorgast ability was a feel good ability many enjoyed indeed. The reason I place it into RA is to avoid more AM synergy (as that is the core part of the holy trinity). As the holy trinity is uncontested in its power at the moment; the only healthy changes would be ones that moved away from it.

That’s not skill expression, that just awful.

That’s like saying a bad design is skill expression because it adds a “choice”. Do i really have to explain why bad design that adds a “choice” is not skill expression? But rather it’s just bad design?

Also, dh is not as easy as you think. I literally play every single dps spec in the game, aside a few, get off your high horse, fury is not more difficult than havoc.

Your idea about rampage is not bad though.

It is not, but you must agree DH kit is all press and effect. Fury got use abilities in a rotation.

Neither is hard - one is arguably simpler by design.

Yes, I would call it skill expression because it adds a player interaction that will either reward or punish your play in a minor (miss one global) or major (never click ww) way.

There is actually some thought process in havoc, especially at the opener, it’s easy by design but that’s most specs.

I would say that only a select few are actually harder to play, like fire mage, outlaw, and especially arcane mage.

And honestly, difficulty is irrelevant, what actually matters is whether it’s fun to play or not.

The existence of the Titanic rage which gives you two measly stacks of whirlwind should tell you something about the powerlevel of getting free whirlwind stacks.

Saving a gcd from whirlwind to use for a single target is an immense buff.

Ravager is overturned as it is, It should not get more power for free.

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