Razageth heroic tuning

When nerfs? Don’t want to sweat an hc boss when m+18 is easier then this one.


Gearing from raids in general is pointless and unrewarding.

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This boss is just stupid, can’t kill it, would rather do M+. We can one shot every other heroic boss but not this guy.

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I hope they don’t nerf it.

Kinda tired of everything being handed to people on a plate.


Silly reply. Raszageth is exponentially harder than previous bosses in that raid

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It’s an endboss, they usually are. You should focus on the first 1-2 mythics instead, and try rasza with the top 15 or so players in your guild.
It’s really just about handling the overlaps rather than the individual mechanics and assigning healing CDs and defensives.

Last boss is hard. More news as it breaks.

Its an end boss that should be hard tbh.

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Too much effort. Will just wait for nerfs like always. Statistics on wlogs tells the true story is just ruined like garbage.

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Just ignore him… This night nerfs were released already and it will continue to be nerfed over time.

I’m fine with that for mythic. HC should be challenging but currently it’s anduin pre nerf head banging. We just skip this trash boss for the near future.

Have you ever met an encounter you didn’t want nerfing? “Waa just ignore him, he doesn’t want a freebie!”

They littarly made a post they’d nerf it tomorrow…

Curve progress was fun.
It was alot better then Sepulcher and harder then Nathria.
I appreciated the difficulty off the endboss :slight_smile:
Sad that they nerf it but we already progressed it so who cares :man_shrugging:

Yeah saw the nerfs and I’m happy that statistics always wins. Seems like the fight was not tuned properly.

Not sure why some panda folks in this thread arguing about the difficulty when not even cleared LFR :smiley:

I think that maybe assumes too much. Blizzard typically see tuning as a gradual thing to allow as many players to see a compelling challenge from the content as is reasonably possible.

Just because a boss gets nerfed doesn’t mean it was too hard. Can also mean that the boss was that hard for long enough, and it’s time for it to be a bit easier.

Actually the first 7 bosses were a pushover, all on rotation already. But Raszageth seems out of proportion…

I have tried Raszageth on HC many hours and it is always the same problem for pugging, she is SUPER UNFORGIVING for A SINGLE MISTAKE and then it is a wipe and then people leave and it is back to square one, RINSE AND REPEAT…

I tank Raszageth pretty decently but marks + 2 orbs + marks + 2 orbs + mark or whatever is OVERTUNED for pugs. Most players that pug are not used to do mass disrupts and mass cds and crap like that.

It is not like Raszageth is overly complicated, the problem is that there is too much going on at once and stuff are happening too close to eachother. Take P1 as an example, if you do not have the damage to skip second phase or orbs GOOD LUCK with the mass disrupts that are needed, and in P2 you NEED to take care of 2 set of orbs and marks and the wave and stuff… Many players are not even specced to kill a ton of orbs, did Blizzard think about that?

LFR, NM and HC should be pug friendly, you can put all stupid numbercrunching garbage in mythic since you only allow players from the same server to do mythics.

Diurna is almost in the same boat for pugs, she hits so hard that it is not even fun to tank her and then it is a massive dps check for adds and boss. Diurna is still easier than Raszageth though because she does not need mass disrupts FROM ALL PLAYERS and massive cooldowns 24/7.

It is obvious that Razageth is overtuned just how some Mythic+ bosses were, that obviously got nerfed because they were just stupid at higher keys. Feels like a case of D3 at launch when they had hard content and just added higher numbers to everything to the point that it was just stupid.

Raszageth needs less mark damage and orbs needs to either have the aoe damage reduced or have the amount of cast downgraded to 1 as it is in normal.

Razageth is very overtuned if and you notice that if you pug the raid, which probably Blizzard are not doing when they decide if something is hard or not. Orbs do too much damage if one go off and marks do way too much damage. Raszageth got way too much of a damage output in phase 2 with marks, orbs, wave and so on.

It is not like the fight is hard, it is just overtuned like how D3 was at launch where the gameplay was ok but then they upped the damage with 1000% or whatever which made lashers onehit tank builds.

Rasz is a difficulty spike compared to the rest. I’m not sure if a nerf on heroic is required, but it certainly would get me a kill. It’s easier for Blizzard to nerf the boss than to make the underperforming raid members suddenly play well.

Can clear every boss in raid in a 2 hour raid evening, but had over 8hours of rasz and can barely make it through the first phase. It’s a player issue for sure, but the difficulty spike is obvious.

What’s the point in it being so hard? For some 411 gear (in heroic) when I can get stuff like that from M+? The glory? Of killing a boss that, for some reason, Blizzard have arbitrarily made hard. I found Queen Azshara mythic easier than this…

It’s not that hard, it just requires a competent raid leader but the fight has zero RNG or mechanics that require fancy moves to handle like terros.
Plus the last phase is the easiest (especially once you have good gear) so it’s not like sylvanas that would waste your time with long wipes.